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juefrinnst: just looked at 2.23/master and found several security fixes, seems we need our own tarball, unfortunately13:51
frinnstyeah i rolled one yesterday13:54
frinnstdoesnt take long and doesnt require that much disk either ~15mb?13:55
frinnst01:11 <@frinnst> =======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/glibc#2.23-1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.13:55
frinnstwhy am i always in crux mood around midnight? got 4hrs sleep last night :>13:55
juewrt NEWS I'd suggest to name it 2.23.114:00
frinnstif we are going to be rolling our own tarball - should we have the git tree on
frinnstso we can easily track whats included in each tarball etc14:03
jueprobably enough to add either the commit hash or the date to the version something like 2.23.1-bbe472 or 2.23.1-20160630 ?14:08
jueor only 2.23-bbe472 without the .114:09
jueor did I miss something, what's your idea?14:13
jueto create a local tag to mark our releases?14:14
frinnstyeah that was my sleep-deprived thought14:18
frinnstsince its such a critical piece of software14:18
frinnstbut yeah, your idea is simpler14:19
frinnsti like simple :>14:19
juewell, if jaeger has no objections, I'd say go for it and upload the tarball to crux.nu14:26
jueI think at all it's simpler and probably saver to roll our own tarball than to apply only selected patches14:28
juebtw, if we are going to use dates to identify the exact version we should use the commit date and not the author date of the last commit for that14:31
frinnstyeah I dont know how many hours i spent trying to backport a bunch of cve patches to 2.2214:35
frinnstrolling a new tarball takes maybe 5 minutes14:35
jaegerno objection from me... makes the Pkgfiles cleaner, too14:48
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frinnstso glibc-2.23.1-bbe472f.tar.xz then?18:05
frinnstor just glibc-2.23-bbe472f.tar.xz?18:05
frinnstuploading all 3 :)18:07
frinnstomitting .1 is probably best, if they ever decide to release a pointrelease18:12
frinnstpushed but feel free to tweak18:36
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