IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-07-12

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frinnst~$ ip addr08:31
frinnst-bash: ip: command not found08:31
frinnstasdf.. every time! most (all?) distros have "ip" in the default path08:32
frinnstshould we symlink it for 3.3 or something?08:32
frinnstdebian installs it in /bin and symlinks to /sbin/ip08:35
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jaegerI just edit /etc/profile on my systems so that root and users have the same path13:24
frinnstyeah me too, usually. or rather set the path in ~/bash_profile13:33
frinnstbut I always forget it on new servers D;13:34
teK_+1 for having everybody have /{s,}bin in their path by default14:08
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juefrinnst: wrt nasm, usually I run the testsuite and build the e3 editor20:04
jueno objections to unify the default paths for root and users20:06

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