IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-07-13

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jueI've just pushed beta versions of bash (4.4-beat2) and readline (7.0-beta2) to 3.312:31
jueto allow building at all and to avoid big breakage I've added compat symlinks for libreadline and libhistory12:32
juehopefully the final release is not too far, but I guess we'll take some time as well to finish 3.312:34
frinnstI was wondering yesterday.. we dont add pre/post scripts to the source array so those files are never signed15:55
frinnstoh well, maybe for 3.4 :)15:55
deus_exwould someone change the source for giflib to say is broken.16:01
teK_frinnst: good point.16:03
teK_should we notify all packages that they will be removed as of 3.3 (is16:03
teK_this fixed yet)?16:03
frinnstI dont think i'16:04
frinnsti've started cleaning out my ports yet16:04
teK_yeah, it's one sed-onliner away16:04
frinnstdeus_ex: The website is temporarily in static offline mode.16:26
frinnstOnly a very limited set of project pages are available until the main website returns to service.16:26
frinnstshould be back soon'ish16:26
frinnstACTION tips pedja about the irssi script 'keepnick'16:27
pedjaI don't use irssi, but I'll take a look at that script :)16:28
pedjaI prefer IRC/mail clients with an actual clicky GUI, for some reason...16:33
pedjamutt is powerful, but I just can't get used to it.same goes for irssi.16:34
pedjaSF down is a minor annoyance.I wonder what would happen if Github goes belly up...16:38
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