IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-07-15

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jaegerteK_: someone asking about a portdb submission in #crux, nullspoon02:52
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deus_exis mesa update to 12.0.1 and using libglvnd something that you plan to do post 3.3 release?17:30
deus_exI'll just lock mesa3d, for now, and play with glvnd-enabled nvidia port, to see how badly I can break my system :)17:36
frinnsttesting 12 here without any config changes19:07
frinnstwhats libglvnd used for?19:07
frinnst12.0 will probably happen before 3.3 is released :)19:10
frinnstso, its a gallium replacement or what?19:23
deus_exif I understood correctly, there is no more need for gl-select.mesa/nvidia can coexist peacefully side by side, the application chooses which to use.19:23
deus_exin theory, anyway :)19:25
jaegerThat would be nifty if it works19:26
jaegerI haven't tried it yet19:26
deus_exI've modified nvidia port, to test it.19:26
frinnstfree drivers ftw :)19:26
deus_exteting mesa support for it should be fun19:28
frinnstits not in 12.0, right?19:29
frinnstdidnt see any mentioning of it in the release notes19:29
deus_exbut it's listed in ./configure --help output, weirdly enough (12.0.1)19:33
deus_exit was the last minute addition, iirc19:33
frinnstah, yeah missed it19:34
deus_exI'll probably try it tomorrow.install liblgvnd, build mesa and new nvidia driver, see what blows up :)19:38
frinnstconfigure: error: Package requirements (libglvnd >= 0.1.0) were not met:19:39
frinnstNo package 'libglvnd' found19:39
frinnstyou should be good to go :)19:39
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