IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-07-16

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jueteK_: we have build issues with gcc6 for lftp and efivar, simple version updates solves that ->
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pedjahere is the glxinfo with nvidia and mesa using libglvnd:
pedjaxorg-server builds fine, if I disable Xvfb.18:36
pedjaonly problem is that xorg-1.18 doesn't have native support yet.18:37
jaegerthere's a new ll nvidia release out which I'll be testing later today, too... though I've got to go run some errands first18:38
jaegerlooks like you're already running it18:38
pedjasince I was going to play with libglvnd anyway, why not use the latest one :)18:40
pedjaaccording to gfxbench GL, gtx970 is ~10 times faster than my gfx card :)19:23
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jaegerWhat's your current card?21:41
pedjaKSP works okayish, so I am not THAT bothered with it :)22:20
pedjabtw, jaeger, how is your new rig coming along?22:51
jaegerI'm still waiting for watercooling parts but aside from that it works great22:58 do know that we expect to see pictures of it? :)23:00
jaegersure :)23:05
jaeger as it looks currently23:06

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