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Romsterpedja, you got them ports anywhere i'd like to try that out myself11:30
Romstergtx750 Ti 2GB gddr5 here only reason i got a newer card was my old one was not supported anymore11:31
Romsterand the GTX8.. and 9.. series didn't have anything affordable at the time.11:31
Romsterand the gtx1080 didn't exist then either when i got this card11:32
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pedjaRomster: for glvnd?I'll push them later to Bitbucket, after I make the tiramisu :)12:20
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Romsterpedja, yeah for glvnd plus other port changes for it, ta.14:06
Romsterta pedja any changes to other ports needed?14:33
pedjaonly problem so far is that xorg won't build without --disable-xfvb configure switch14:34
Romsterdoes nvidia have gl problems with other ports still?14:35
pedja367.35 (latest LTS) works fine14:35
Romsteri have't updated my nvidia driver from 361.45.11 yet14:35
Romsterdue to lazy, it works, and that other issue.14:36
Romstercool so jaeger should update nvidia soon enough when he has time.14:36
pedjajaeger is testing the update for nvidia, iirc14:36
Romsterwhat even uses xfvb in xorg-server anyways14:36
pedjaI don't know :)14:37
Romsteryeah i read that he is in the log earlier.14:37
Romsternow i wonder how much open GL is supported in glvnd i use steam for windows and native steam for linux too.14:37
Romsteramong other things.14:37
Romsterbe interesting to test14:38
pedjaI've tried glxbench, couple of OpenGL apps/games, glxinfo, all work14:38
Romsternice and gl-select use xorg with that too?14:39
Romsteras them symlinks wont be needed then.14:39
Romstera edited mesa3d could be used as well14:40
pedjafor xorg-1.18, only the symlink for libglx extension.14:40
pedja1.19 will have native libglvnd support14:41
pedjacheckout glx-config from the repo (butchered version of gl-select :) )14:41
Romsteri could of sware that mesa3d had symlinks in it's build()14:43
pedjalibglvnd covers just the gl/glx for now.14:44
pedjabecause of mesa3d, it's on their TODO list14:45
pedjathat's why I get combinaton of nvidia GL and mesa EGL in the glxinfo output.14:46
pedjaby the time xorg-1.19 is out, it should just work[tm]14:47
Romsterah i see14:52
Romsterglx-select is in there is that what you meant than glx-config ?14:58
pedjayes, sorry14:58
Romsterah good makes sense now.14:58
pedjateK_: guess what, libgpg-error, libgcrypt , libassuan and gnupg have new releases :)15:00
pedjaall on the same day, no less15:00
Romsterdeja vue.. wasn't that just done like a few days ago15:00
pedjayes :)15:01
Romsteroh we stuffed up, release a new version, few days later repeat.15:02
Romsteri've noticed anything related to crypto and stuff gets bumped really regularly15:02
pedjafixing the bugs is an neverending adventure15:03
Romsteri guess it's better than waiting for a few months to roll a new tarball15:03
pedjai am glad that they are taking crypto seriously15:03
pedjagnupg is a critical software for some people15:04
pedjahas anything changed in qt5 port?virtualbox can't find 5.7, but finds 5.615:42
pedjait looks for qt5, whatever the minir version, if I am reading qt5.kmk correctly15:49
pedjathat was fast, teK_ :)15:53
Romsteronly the version16:13
Romsterand minor config changes16:13
pedjaweird  that vbox can't find it, then17:09
pedjaI used binary qt5 package from for both 5.6 and 5.717:11
pedjaso it must be something wrong on my end17:12
pedjaI'll wait for virtualbox to build, and try again with some other port that depends on qt517:14
pedjawith qt-5.7.017:14
pedjait's a virtualbox problem, smplayer and stellarium find and build using qt5-5.7.0 just fine18:24
frinnstpushed 5.24.0 to core-3.3. seems a few things break (net-snmp for one)19:14
jaegerI didn't get a chance to test the new nvidia driver over the weekend like I wanted to, hopefully will get to it soon20:36
teK_pedja: sure, no problem23:08

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