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jaegerthose nvidia updates don't do anything with glvnd yet, just updated to the new version00:02
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pedjaRomster:  try rebuilding cmake against qt-5.7.0, and see if you get this error
pedjasomething is iffy, some applications build fine against qt5, using cmake, some are broken (cmake and poppler-qt4)15:38
pedjacmake-3.6.0, same error16:05
pedjaRomster: disregard, something is brokem on my system, I get the same error with qt5-5.616:12
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frinnstpreparing xorg-server 1.18.418:45
pedjafrinnst: did you, by any chance, forget to update .md5sum for xorg-server?19:07
frinnsthm, no?19:15
frinnst-043d720bf2472a65bb8f0daa97f83dfa  xorg-server-1.18.3.tar.bz219:16
frinnst+d4842dfe3bd9a9d062f2fa1df9104a46  xorg-server-1.18.4.tar.bz219:16
frinnstdownloaded again and seems to be right19:17
pedjait's ok now, it looks like the d/l ended prematurely.that never happened to me before...19:27
pedjasorry for the noise19:27
pedjaand it looks like I'll have to maintain my own xorg-server port, as long as I experiment with libglvnd19:28
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frinnstwhat do you need? some simple switch during configure or some patch?21:22
frinnstand does it require additional dependencies?21:23
frinnstif thats the case we can probably forget about it for 3.2 :/21:23
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Romsterpedja, you would need poppler-qt5 for qt5 apps22:28
pedjafrinnst: just  the '--disable-xvfb' configure switch (for xorg-server) :)22:31
Romsteri'm not sure how many use xvfb22:31
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pedjano additional dependencies, afaict.22:31
pedjalibglvnd provides GLX_EXT_libglvnd extension, that xorg-1.18 lacks, so I guess that's a dependency :)22:37
pedjaRomster: cmake is broken, too, so it must be something wrong with my system.22:40
Romsteri've never had cmake like qt5 and i can't figure out why.22:42
Romsterand i don't think it needs qtchooser or anything for that.22:42
Romsterno mention of it in linux from scratch22:42
Romsterand lfs uses a prefix for qt5 as well.22:42
pedjalatest cmake(3.6.0) won't build, too22:42
Romsteras qt4 and qt5 can't use the same path22:42
Romsteri've had cmake build after removing qt5 first22:43
Romsterthen installing qt5 after22:43
pedjait is annoying, but it works :)22:43
pedjaI'll have to hack something terrible, so I can switch betwwen mesa and nvidia completely (gl,glx,egl,gles).22:45
pedjaqt5 build doesn't like the mix :)22:46
Romsteroh it builds on my docker container and you know the package is on my host22:46
pedjaI am using it, but after the problems I had, I wanted to try to build it myself, to see if there is any difference.22:47
Romsterare you talking about run time issues?22:48
pedjano, apps work fine, just some find it just fine, when I build them, and some don't22:48
pedjawhich is confusing the hell out of me.22:49
Romsteri thought i added a README for qt522:49
pedjastellarium (cmake, qt5)-builds fine.22:50
Romsterqmake-qt5 PREFIX=/usr22:50
Romsterlikei do with contrib/cutemaze22:50
Romsterthat will make it find the correct paths22:50
pedjasince more apps work than don't, using qtchooser, I don't think it's the problem with qt5 port22:52
Romsteri haven't sued qtchooser at all. but then i only have 1 qt5 app so far22:52
Romsterpedja, just add xorg-server and what ever other changes required to your git tree i'll try it out later.22:54
Romsteri'm out of time as per usual, heads to work22:54
pedjagood luck, and have fun22:54
pedjaso, should I test this hack, or push it, that is the question...23:06
pedjaI am pretty sure I fcked something up, so it's only fair to break just my machine.23:09
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