IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-07-20

frinnst--disable-xvfb might break some setups00:28
frinnstis that really required?00:28
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juefrinnst: you forgot to update the signature of perl?10:34
juefrinnst: I've pushed an update11:04
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frinnstyeah, probably14:14
frinnstsry :)14:14
pedjaRomster: latest changes pushed to glvn repo, but read the last few commit messages before playing with it :)14:24
pedjaand the TODO, too.14:31
pedjaglXGetProcAddressARB is missing from libGLX_mesa, so that's probably why xorg won't
pedjamesa, if built with enabled libglvnd doesn't export that symbol, because it's provided by libglvnd.15:29

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