IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-07-21

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pedjaI am waiting for one of mesa developers to test mesa/xorg/libglvnd.19:05
pedjaall the pieces are in place, but there is a problem somewhere.19:06
onoderapedja: what's this libglvnd you've been talking about recently?19:46
pedjaonodera: 'GL vendor-neutral dispatch library'.the idea is that you can have multiple gl/glx libs installed (mesa, nvidia), and that the app chooses whichever it prefers.20:00
pedjaor, in the case of laptops, switch between the discrete and integrated gfx cards theory :)20:07
pedjait will make things much simpler, once all the pieces are complete.20:09
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jaegerTheoretically it would do away with having to make symlinks and manage them with gl-select or simiar21:04
pedjacurrently, I have to symlink/manage all BUT the gl libs (EGL/GLES).21:08
pedjabut that will change soonish21:08
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