IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-07-22

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onoderapedja: sorry for the late respone, thanks! that seems super cool11:59
onoderawill the replace bumblebee & friends?11:59
pedjaonodera: bumblebee dev seems to think taht, in theory, yes :
pedjabut its early days, abi/api are not stable yet, and there is a lot of work required, but yes, it could be possible.12:09
pedjaredirecting libGL access on a screen by screen basis is basically what libglvnd is supposed to do, so :)12:11
pedjanvidia and mesa devs are meeting in September, mailing list is low bandwith medium for technical discussion, it seems.12:15
pedjathe one they need, anyway12:16
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