IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-07-26

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jaegerteK_: can you build efibootmgr currently?03:11
jaeger for reference03:19
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frinnstsame here08:48
Romsteror use a older gcc version that they recommend?08:51
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teK_will check in a minute18:35
teK_son's MC server is down so I have to do that after coming back from the office FIRST18:35
teK_several screen sessions open, one hangs, no java processes.. uh oh18:41
teK_oh boy18:42
teK_he killed it alltogether18:42
teK_and I will receive all the complaining -______-18:43
teK_he has local backups, phew.18:46
jaegerAlways good19:05
teK_it's the efivar update19:44
teK_its out of sync with the efibootmgr release19:45
teK_let me check if there is an update not yet released to fix this.19:45
teK_we will have gcc 6 on 3.3, right?19:45
teK_which is fun, because efivar needs the current version to build on it19:45
teK_no update19:46
jaegerI didn't see one, either, may need to bundle a git clone19:57
teK_how? it does not work atm either wrt releases or -current version19:59
jaegerah, maybe not, then20:00
teK_I was wrong. -git builds fine20:51
jaegerthanks for checking that20:59
teK_no problem20:59
teK_we need that for a release, right? ;)20:59
jaegeryeah :)21:00
jaegerI noticed it due to the weekly ISO build failing, though21:00
teK_I figured21:00
teK_btw.. what state do you live in again?21:00
jaegerin oklahoma21:02
teK_alright, because I won a business trip to Milford, as it seems21:17
teK_but this is a far stretch to oklahoma =)21:18
jaegermilford ct?21:19
jaegeryeah, bit far away :)21:19
teK_they have a server with hostname starting MIF...21:20
teK_a colleauge of mine always referred to it as MILF... (by accident?)21:20
teK_had gulp several loud laughs :X21:20
jaegerI assume that's intentional but maybe I'm wrong, heh21:21
teK_the guy is from Austria.. o they do have a very special kind of humor21:21
frinnstand farmer accents? (im told)21:21
teK_the accent is special21:22
teK_but not completely differnt from the one you hear in Bavaria21:22
frinnstI just love Toto Wolf interviews21:23
teK_btw.. I almost shit my pants watching Vice Principals, frinnst21:23
frinnsthaha goodie, havent watched it yet!21:23
teK_Alexander Wuuuuaz!21:23
teK_Man of the race21:23
teK_even if he started 18th, one driver had a puncture and Alex ended up 17th -> man of the race21:23
teK_and yes, they called him that way even in Austrian television, as they like english terms21:24
teK_in football they have a penallldy, to. Or a 'corner'.. anyway :]21:24
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teK_can we have something like this, too? <323:27

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