IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-07-28

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pedjais there a way to regenerate the ports database?/var/lib/pkg/db18:02
pedjaext4 really doesn't like power outages18:03
pedjaI really should've setup cron to make daily backups of /var/lib/pkg...18:14
pedjatoo late now :)18:15
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frinnstwell you have db.backup - with the previous transaction20:05
onoderawhen doe db.backup get created20:24
onoderaand when does db get updated?20:24
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frinnstbefore changes are committed to the original iirc21:10
pedjafrinnst: no such lick, the whole pkg dir was gone :)21:26
pedjathe plan was to dd the root partition, and let testdisk/photorec loose on the disk image.21:29
pedjabut, on the next reboot, Crux dropped me to maintaince console, so I ran fsck.ext4, which found the files.21:32
pedjapackage db=plain text file=smart decision :)21:33
pedjaif it was sqlite, it would probably be corrupted.21:34
pedjanow, to setup daily cron job to backup it all...somewhere.21:35
pedjalocal and Bitbucket, perhaps21:37
frinnsti'd rather use a usb-stick23:48

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