IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-07-29

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Worksterpedja, just pkgadd all the packages again, also check romster/pkg-not01:54
Worksterthat tool will tell you what files are not tracked in the database01:55
pedjaoh, cool.I'll check it out.01:55
Worksternote that some files are caches etc and wont be in the database01:55
Workstergood to find files not part of a package01:56
pedjacruft that I added over the years :)01:56
Worksterit'll pick up on python if you ever used pip install01:56
pedjapip and cpan, for some perl modules I couldn't be bothered to package :)01:58
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juehow bad, seems Gmame is dying ->
jaegerman, that's hard to imagine. It's been around so long16:02
frinnstwhy the fuck would anybody ddos a "public service" service?20:23
frinnstby corbet (editor, #1) [Link]20:26
frinnstI've been talking a bit with Lars; money doesn't seem to be the issue. He's really just ready to hand it off. I think we might have found a good prospective home for gmane, but it will take a little while to know for sure.20:26
frinnstsounds promising atleast20:26
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crash_wow gmane is dying.. but as you say someone will take over20:50

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