IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-08-01

jaegerwell, son, when and img and an sc really love each other...00:02
jaegerACTION ducks00:02
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pedjaYou probably know this:
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frinnstyeah got the release announcement while at work19:57
frinnsthavent looked at it yet19:57
frinnsthm, is the clock off?20:18
frinnstremote: tar: zlib: time stamp 2016-08-01 22:18:18 is 4.453546914 s in the future20:18
frinnstor maybe my el-cheapo gps and rpi2 is lagging :)20:21
teK_frinnst: I fiddled with it a while ago to not be off..20:56
teK_Workster: from a VM of mine20:56
frinnsti think i've might have been 10 seconds off or so21:07
frinnstso dont change anything just yet, tek21:07
teK_thanks for stranger things21:07
teK_I like21:08
frinnstyeah, it was pretty awesome right?21:08
teK_awesome indeed21:08
jaegerI just watched the first episode of that a couple days ago,  I like it so far21:08
teK_already done :P21:08
frinnst"the night of.." is also pretty epic sofar21:09
frinnstatleast the first episode21:09
teK_feteched e01 just some days ago. Will watch next right now :)21:10
teK_I am taking part in a kernel coding challenge21:10
teK_handed in task 01.. reply was:21:10
teK_% grep hithere /proc/modules21:10
teK_hithere 997 0 - Live 0xffffffffa0011000 (O)21:10
teK_reply is that copy and paste is broken..21:11
teK_I am #233 in the queue newxt queue member to be graded is from April '16 :p21:11
frinnsthaha. who's hosting the challenge?21:11
teK_the semi-friendly Eudyptula Challenge autoresponder here.21:12
frinnstWho is behind this?21:13
frinnstA set of convoluted shell scripts that are slow to anger and impossible to debug.21:13
teK_btw did you already see/hear John Oliver call Trump a fucking asshole (end of quote)? :o21:13
frinnstyeah, watched it when i was home during lunch :>21:13
teK_hehe yes, I like the spirit. I guess its some kernel devs ;)21:13
teK_he was being very serious in this moment21:14
frinnstits such a shitshow (not john oliver - us politics)21:16
frinnstbut VERY fun to watch21:16
jaegerIt's terrifying21:16
teK_if it'd only would not concern the rest of the world, too21:16
frinnstits like watching two drunk guys fighting on the street or something21:16
teK_I think it's plastic culture. Everything is artificial21:16
teK_the GOPs look like a game show21:17
teK_the Gingritch INterview summed it up, where he said he's not about facts but what the people are feeling21:17
teK__compilation_ :D21:18
teK_I also like the best of russian dashboard compilation21:18
frinnstcrazy countries21:18
teK_there's a german image board where the term 'russian around' was coined21:19
teK_ etc etc :P21:21
teK_YEs. I can imagine21:21
teK_the complilation is full of win21:22
frinnst just one odd sock. not too bad21:45

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