IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-08-02

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frinnstseems my clock is slowly coming around17:21
frinnstremote: tar: ez-ipupdate/Pkgfile: time stamp 2016-08-02 19:20:44 is 0.000177937 s in the future17:21
pedjahas anyone tried consolekit2 as a replacement for consolekit?17:34
frinnstnever tried consolekit :)17:34
pedjaxfce depends on it, iirc, so :)17:35
pedjait's the dependency of something, anyway.17:36
pedjaother than some weird, udev-acl related, warnings/errors on boot, 1.0.2 (consolekir2) works fine, afaict17:40
pedjadracut, otoh, insists that I have systemd, and shoves it into the initrd.17:41
pedja'distro-agnostic', my shiny ass17:42
pedjaskipping QTWebKit should shave a couple of days off qt5 build.17:50
frinnstteK_: have you watched braindead?19:15
frinnsti think it might actually be a documentary. would explain everythign regarding US politics :P19:16
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pedjawithout qtwebkit, qt5 builds in not too terrible 2.5h.20:54
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