IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-08-03

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Romsterpedja, dunno what the go is but i've disabled qt in gst-plugins-bad03:11
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teK_frinnst: you might think I am crazy, to hang around with you17:32
teK_maybe you think Im lucky, I have something to do17:33
jaegeryou just might be the linatic he's looking for17:45
jaegercurse you, fingers! YOU HAD ONE JOB17:45
frinnstthwarted by your own fingers!19:20
teK_i.e. I like. thanks for recomm^Wsharing20:20
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pedjaWorkster: trivial 'fix' for cmake and qt5:
pedjaworks with and without qt5 installed, at least on my machine :)22:03
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Worksterpedja, could you open a bug report to the cmake maintainer23:08
pedjayes.I'll also open one for qt5, and attach the patch, so you can take a look.23:10
pedjanothing fancy, apart from disabling qtwebkit build :)23:11
pedjaI know that splliting app into packages is not the Crux way, but on my machine it makes sense23:13
pedjabtw, qtchooser being the upstream's prefered way to deal with multiple qt versions, afaict, I would consider any app that doesn't build with it broken.23:15
pedjaqt4/qt5 will have to coexist for quite some time, so23:16
pedjabut, the decision is upto the developers/maintainers, these are just my 2,50 RSD23:19
pedja(about 2 eurocents)23:19

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