IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-08-05

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juefrinnst: I've tested new binutils 2.27 yesterday, seems to work well, at least a toolchain rebuild does and all tests (make check) passes12:32
juefrinnst: but that was with our 2.23 glibc12:33
juefrinnst: you've done a proper bootstrap with 2.24?12:34
frinnstno, not yet13:01
frinnstupdated it late last night13:01
frinnsti'll give it a proper workthrough this weekend13:02
frinnstjust noticed the fakeroot issue immediately13:02
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teK_greetings, fellow devel workers16:39
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jueteK_: hello16:58
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teK_if it takes you ~3h to build to bought pieces of bath furniture, somebody did something wrong, right?20:41
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frinnstyou need my swedish ikea skills20:59
teK_ok, and you may request my bavarian beer 'tasting' skills20:59
frinnstdeal :)21:00
frinnsthm, these are new: Crash Annotation GraphicsCriticalError: |[C0][GFX1]: Failed 2 buffer db=0 dw=0 for 1413, 0, 64, 875 (t=6.8096)21:01
frinnstseems gecko is crashing with my semi-broken system21:01
teK_I still cannot run chromium in this 3.2 VM.. firefox stabilized and now even the download dialouge works again..21:02
frinnstcurrently rebuilding * after updating glibc to 2.2421:02
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frinnstjue: the fakeroot issue -

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