IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-08-10

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teK__frinnst: I remember considering this, also. Have to rethink, why I dindt..12:15
teK__excluding should be doable from a technical POV12:15
teK__did you have issues because it is included?12:16
teK__I think it should be okay to not include it because we verify the source tarball and the Pkgfile. If the source tarball is not malicious (containing some code to target poor CRUXers), this woul suffice. On the other hand, I do not see the harm in checking the footprint file12:17
frinnstjust thinking about how a "user" would react when he got a footprint missmatch12:28
frinnstand what he would have to do to still install the port12:28
teK__A: not fiddling with .footprint?12:29
frinnstits probably common some users do like this:12:35
frinnstcd <port>12:35
frinnstpkgmk -d12:35
frinnstpkgmk -uf && pkgmk -u12:35
teK__with pkgmk inbetween ;)12:36
teK__yeah, but it's not required -uf is completely useless if you're not a dev12:36
frinnstyep, true12:36
teK__and yes I know the reflex to do -uf ..12:36
teK__still: nonsense :P12:37
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