IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-08-13

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jaegerRomster: setting the default bit depth to 10 in contrib/x264 may be a bad idea22:44
jaeger10-bit stuff is pretty rare outside of anime, right?22:44
jaeger(I might be wrong about this)22:44
jaegerI get this when trying to encode an x264 video, for reference:22:48
jaegerx264 [error]: high profile doesn't support a bit depth of 1022:49
jaeger[libx264 @ 0x140ba00] Error setting profile high.22:49
jaegerI rebuilt x264 without 10-bit support as a temporary fix but wanted to get your opinion22:49
onoderashouldn't your player choose if it uses 10 or 8 bit depending on the content?23:13
jaegerperhaps, I don't know enough about it to say23:15
jaegerA quick google search for 10-bit video players doesn't seem promising, though23:16

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