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Romsteri am not sure how to make it dual purpose 8 bit and 10 bit unlike with x26502:12
Romsterx265 has 8 10 and 12 bit support02:12
Romsteri was under that assumption that the majority here used vlc or mpv or any other player based on a OS that can deal with 10bit h26402:21
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Romsterjaeger, certain i solved it by defaulting x264 to 8bit colour depth and added a prefixed x264 for 10bit, and added a wrapper shell script to ffmpeg for 10bit x264 encoding. so ffmpeg itself will use 8bit x264 by default.03:39
Romstera little ugly but not much can be done about that.03:39
Romster10bit stuff is everywhere on a lot of encodes for better compression and less grainy colours, it's not specific to anime, but it certainty improves the look of anime.03:41
jaegerRomster: for what it's worth it did not use 8-bit by default.05:03
jaegeroh ,you mean you did that today? I see the commits in #crux05:04
jaegerI'll give those a try tomorrow, just got home and going to sleep soon05:06
jaegerI would probably just put 10-bit x264 in a separate port but if the prefixed setup works, no biggie05:21
Romsterit's along similar lines to x265 only it builds it all into the one library.06:22
Romsterx264 hasn't got that functionally for some reason.06:23
Romsterwhat ever ffmpeg sees x264 built as it'll use that. and before it was built for 10bit. so ffmpeg would use that for 10bit.06:28
jaegerwhich failed on high profile... which is a very common profile to choose06:29
jaegerthat's why I made the comment that maybe it's a bad default choice06:29
Romsterffmpeg can't use both it's either 8bit or 10bit, to do both i would either have to build ffmpeg twice or use LD_PREOAD06:29
Romsteri wasn't sure if it was wise or not but, thought i'd get a report if anyone actually used it for a player than on a computer.06:30
jaegerThis isn't even at play-time, it's at encode-time06:30
jaegerthat wasn't a question, heh06:31
Romsterit's a statement06:31
Romster10bit is far superior but not many real hardware players support it06:32
jaegerdoesn't seem like a lot of software players even support it06:32
Romsterbut beign we use crux, the aussumption would be we all use mpv/mplayer/vlc or what ever other media player on our computers.06:33
Romsteri haven't hit one that i use that doesn't support it06:33
Romstermaybe 10bit is out of spec?06:33
Romsteri could split x264 to two packages if that seems reasonable. could have a 10bit only library that wont work along side the 8bit one? or just split the new prefix path one out of x264?06:35
Romsterprt-get cat x26506:35
Romsterthat one will build 8 10 and 12 bit and pack it all in the one library.06:35
Romsterwish x264 did that06:35
jaegerno big surprise there, x265 is much newer06:36
Romsterthat's the most likely reason they made it better to be able to do that.06:38
Romsteri guess not many will want to use x264 much longer now, except for hardware players that don't support x26506:39
jaegerI'll continue using x264 until x265 is ubiquitous for that reason06:40
jaegerAnyway, going to sleep, catch you later06:41
Romsterg'night jaeger06:42
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jaegerRomster: seems to work fine with the new port18:35
pedjathe advantage of x264 is that I can use vdpau for it :)22:18
pedja3-4% CPU vs 30-50 for x265 encoded content22:19
Romsterah no driver in gpu for it yet22:27
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onoderathe disadvantage is that vdpau uses a shitty chroma scaler algorithm iirc23:45

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