IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-08-17

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teK__that's not good08:40
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frinnstwe should start maintaining our ports with git14:34
jaegeroh, man, why didn't we think of that?14:42
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teK__there is a point in switching to gitlab, _maybe_15:20
jaegerIt's all pretty much the same to me. github, gitlab, gitosis, gitolite, git <-- all of these allow us to work and allow pull requests to work15:55
teK__one does not allow us to a) download sane tarballs (:P) and b) change antyhign in the hosting software itself16:03
jaegerhow often do you need to download a tarball of the ports trees?16:03
teK__nah I'm referring to the github release files ;)16:04
jaegerI thought we were talking about ports hosting16:04
jaegerIf not, ignore me16:04
teK__no, I was making an allusion.16:05
jaegerI'm not against point b, for what that's worth... we shouldn't need to change much of anything on that end, I think16:09
teK__I dont see an issue in maintaining it on crux.nu16:15
jueindeed, I don't see a point to move our official git repos to somewhere else16:38
juebtw, hello, I'm back :)16:38
jueone idea might be to advice people to use 'git format-patch' and maybe 'git send-email' for patch submission16:41
jueah, cptn has merged a pull request for prt-get ->
frinnsti REALLY dislike github18:37
frinnstnot really sure why though18:37
frinnsti think its all the people creating pointless repositories of their dotfiles and such18:38
jaegerI don't really care which we use in the end18:57
frinnstyeah I dont understand why people who complain just dont use that19:00
frinnstpedja likes it and its a peasure to apply19:00
jaegergithub and bitbucket (and probably others) make pull requests prettier/easier but there's no reason they can't be done with regular git19:04
juefrinnst: I dislike github as well, as I dislike all monopoly structures if they are driven by a commercial company20:08
jueand I don't see the big advantage many people are claiming20:09
jueit's really easy to clone our repos, it's very cheap to create a temporary branch, commit a change and send us the diff20:10
jueso what in that chain is easier with github or the like?20:11
teK__discussion, bug tracking and pull requests are bundled nicely20:12
teK__we dont need it20:12
teK__let's stop wasting our time with this :-)20:12
jueok, good idea :)20:12
teK__jue: yeah, and welcome back20:13
teK__I'll be off to greece for a week starting august 31st \o/ \o/ \o/20:13
teK__-> \o/ <-20:13
teK__ahem.    btw.20:13
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jueteK__: nice20:14
teK__yeah. Your vacation was nice, too?20:17
jueyeah, very nice :-)20:18
juefrinnst: pedja's patches are created with 'git format-ptach', nothing more20:27
frinnstyeah simple and perfect20:27
frinnstand with signing we will still need to manually sign it afterwards20:28
jaegerjue: glad to hear you had a good vacation22:09
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pedjaI can't be the only (awesome) individual that sends you guys patches made using git, surely ? :)22:47
pedjawhen I suggested gogs instead of gitlab, one of the replies was 'but it would still be self-hosted.sigh.22:50

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