IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-08-25

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juewell, our core 3.3 seems very stable right now. Everyone else, besides frinnst and me, is using/testing it?12:35
frinnstI have two ports that fail but should be easily patched12:38
frinnstwell, thunderbird might be a pain. hopefully they will track a newer source tree for the next version12:38
juewhat's the reason, gcc?12:40
frinnstnet-snmp also fails to build. but they have a patch in the tree12:40
juewe had 3.2 in november, so we should consider to build a first ISO not too far in the future ;)12:44
jueI'm pretty busy and partly away until end of september, so I cannot help much the next weeks but afterwards I'm ready12:47
jueour TODO33 has nothing important other than port signing12:49
frinnstwhat remains is pretty much just linux-firmware and organize signing12:50
frinnstshould we do signing for contrib? i'd be ok with not doing it12:50
frinnstsince it's.. well "contrib" :-)12:51
jueIMO core and opt only, at least for now12:52
frinnstxorg perhaps12:52
jueyeah, forgot that ;)12:52
jueand compat-32 which is a official repo as well, right?12:59
jueok, so the next step will be to create the other 3.3 branches and distribute the private keys to the maintainers13:33
jaegerI will be at a conference next week but can work on it after that. I've only tested 3.3 a little, haven't had a lot of time recently14:08
juejaeger: what do you think, is a first test ISO end of september realistic?14:58
juejaeger: great, looking forward to test it :)15:06
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