IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-08-30

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rmullWhat specifically is holding crux back from pointing /usr/bin/python to python3?20:33
rmullI've repointed it and am rebuilding everything to see what I can find, but if someone already knows, I wouldn't mind saving the CPU cycles20:35
teK__ill be afk until wednesday next week20:40
teK__hasta luego20:41
frinnstrmull: last i looked a *lot* of stuff broke21:12
frinnstgranted, that was maybe a year ago for 3.221:12
rmullAny chance we'd be willing to revisit it before 3.3? I know it wasn't on the roadmap21:14
rmullEVerything in core built okay for me21:14
frinnsti suspect contrib will give you troubles21:15
rmullopt/gstreamer may have been broken21:15
frinnstbut sure, if not much stuff breaks its very interesting21:15
frinnst3.3 is probably not *very* far off so you better hurry :p21:16
rmullHah :)21:16

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