IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-09-04

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frinnsthm i wonder why coreboot doesnt like our iso:14:48
frinnstISOLINUX 6.03 2014-10-06 EHDD Copyright (C) 1994-2014 H. Peter Anvin et al????????14:48
frinnstthe uefi stuff perhaps?14:49
jaegercould be, no idea here, sorry15:38
frinnstdid 3.1 have uefi stuff?15:54
frinnstcant be arsed to try 3.0 :)15:54
jaegeryou could try the x86 iso if you're bored, I guess16:01
frinnstbuilding a new iso without the uefi stuff to see if that works16:01
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frinnstBootstrap started    (2016-09-04 18:32:56)17:49
frinnstsure brings back memories :-)17:49
jaegeryou could avoid bootstrapping by just using the packages from the updated ISO if you want to save a LOT of time17:56
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frinnsti thought i'd use the 3.3 toolchain19:17
onoderawhat's changing in the 3.3?19:37
onoderaanything major?19:37
frinnstnothing major really. signify and the latest gnu toolchain21:22
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