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jaegerAnyone have the current mailman admin password for the CRUX list? need to remove tzong@crux.spb.ru04:05
jaegerbeen bouncing for a long time04:05
frinnstsomeone already removed it? Cause i dont see the address..06:50
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frinnstbootstrap -> go to work -> return during lunch = bootstrap failed due to missing deps11:51
frinnsthm. im pretty sure i just did the build from master but i see you already added stuff like autoconf-2.13 jaeger11:53
frinnstwonder what fucked up checkout Im using then :)11:53
jaegerfrinnst: sorry, looks like it's on the crux-contrib list, not the main list. I should have checked first13:00
jaegerand yeah, I've done that before, building from a weird checkout :)13:01
jaegerWhat's the current status of 3.3 and signify? I'm finally getting a chance to set up a VM for building/testing 3.315:13
jaegerI've got signify and the signed branch pkgutils installed as well as the public keys for the repos; I think I just need the private keys now15:35
jaegerI also get "checked against wrong key", did I get outdated pub keys?15:53
frinnsttek generated some keys when he began testing. I've since then generated the current live key17:33
frinnsti know I've sent it over to jue. maybe you didnt have gpg setup then?17:33
frinnstI just need your public key - send it to fredrik@rinnestam.se17:33
jaegerI think we talked about it a little but I hadn't set up keys in years. I'll have to make new ones, will try to do that soon and send it to you17:36
frinnstBootstrap completed  (2016-09-06 19:46:09)17:46
frinnstwee, nostalgia! :D17:46
frinnsthm, recognise this?17:48
frinnst- Installing packages...17:48
frinnstbsdtar: Error opening archive: Failed to open '/ports/*/filesystem/filesystem#*.pkg.tar.xz'17:48
jaegernot off the top of my head... does the filesystem package exist? is it corrupted maybe?17:48
frinnstwell not if that path is absolute17:49
frinnstbut ~/iso/ports/*/.../*tar.xz yeah17:50
jaegeroh, I missed the path part, it shouldn't be absolute. I use /usr/src/iso and /usr/src/crux-3.2-iso-ci on different machines17:51
jaegerPORTS_DIR should get set to $(PWD)/ports17:52
jaegerAFK, need to go run some errands17:54
frinnstyeah.. strange17:55
frinnstthat var is used in lots of places without errors17:56
frinnstseems sudo does something wierd17:57
frinnsthm, kernel panic when booting in qemu. stupid trace hides the early lines18:34
frinnstno matter - same error on my apu2 when loading syslinux18:42
rmullMikkail Kolesnik is retired from contrib, yet his name still appears on his ports and in flyspray. Shouldn't we scrub the maintainer field and remove him from Flyspray if his ports are already in the orphaned ports list?19:15
jaegerprobably a decent idea19:17
jaegerhrmm... I wonder why my laptop throws libGL permission denied errors about drm devices and says it can't load the i965 driver19:43
jaegerspecifically from xscreensaver... gxlinfo and glxgears seem to work fine19:45
darfois the user in group video?21:13
darfoor root?21:13
darfo$ ls -l /dev/dri/card21:14
darfocrw-rw---- 1 root video 226, 0 Aug 12 00:23 /dev/dri/card021:14
darfoon 3.221:14
jaegeryeah, the user is in the video group. glxinfo and glxgears wouldn't even work otherwise, I believe21:15
jaegerthe device permissions look fine. exists and looks ok. even recompiled mesa3d21:15
darfothe i965 drive should be loading as root anyway so my21:16
darfopermissions idea is no good21:16
darfodon't have xscreensaver but xlock --mode bubble3d works21:21
darfoI'm on a laptop using i91521:21
darfokernel 4.7.021:22
darfostrace -f -y might give a hint21:22
jaegerrunning xscreensaver in verbose mode at the moment while I work on work :) will see what it says21:25
jaegerstill only get the two lines there. "failed to open drm device: permission denied" and "failed to load driver: i965"21:37
jaegerxlock also works fine. So I guess the problem is somewhere in xscreensaver21:40
jaegerAh, it's because xscreensaver is setuid21:42
jaegerworks fine if the setuid bit is removed but then the locking doesn't work... will have to look into that at some point21:45
Romsteri get a certificate error from google hangouts plugin i pidgin. saying no certificate is found.22:16
Romsterand i was hoping the last ca-certificates update would fix that but i guess not.22:16
jaegerwow, EK is shipping my package 2-day from slovenia to here... I bet that's expensive22:36
Romstercontrib/purple-hangouts if anyone wants to test this out and has a google account using hangouts.22:45
Romsterperiodically asks to accept the ssl cert and when it asks again it wont receive any text until it is clicked. so when i use hangouts on my phone i end up missing parts of the chat from pidgin.22:46
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