IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-09-07

nomiusTHanks Workster :-)01:11
nomiusbfff, thanks Romster :-)01:12
Worksternomius, both highlight me :)01:16
nomiusOh, so you're online on both?01:17
Worksterbut at work currently01:17
nomiusNot enough with one? :-P01:17
nomiusI can't even do one :-P01:17
Workstertoo lazy to setup znc01:17
nomiusI always ssh to a machine in office and connect from that one :-)01:17
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frinnstjaeger: i've sent over the key15:46
jaegerfrinnst: thanks!15:48
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jaegerwe're only signing core 3.3 at the moment, right?16:02
juejaeger: yes, that's right, only core has a 3.3 branch currently16:21
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jaegerso far 3.3 isn't giving me any trouble or surprises in a VM19:40
frinnstnope, no issues here19:46
frinnstthe odd gcc6 problem, sure. but nothing serious19:46
onoderais python3 going to replace python2 in 3.3?20:25
frinnsthonestly I doubt it. feels a bit late to do it now20:25
frinnstbut its not a core port so its up to the maintainer (jue)20:25
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jaegerI don't think python3 is really replacing python2 yet in general terms20:56
jaegerAt least it seems like python 2 is still everywhere, nearly20:56
rmullI'd like to hear more about the specifics behind that claim, TBH21:33
rmullWould crux as a distro prefer to stick with python2 when it's only, say, mercurial or some other oddball ports that need python2 specified?21:33
rmullDoes anyone have any actual objections to python3 other than compatibility? No philosophical objections like with systemd, right?21:36
onoderacan't there just be a python3 and python2 port in /opt, like gtk2 and gtk321:45
onoderapython3 being symlinked to python21:45
onoderaand then broken ports can depend op python2?21:46
jaegerI don't have any strong preference, it's not hard to convert stuff... just seems like python 2 is more common in general to me21:51
jaegermostly because of print statements21:51
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pedjahm, talloc-32 wants to overwrite talloc.3 man page from opt/talloc23:34
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