IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-09-08

Worksteryou must have some tool installed to generate the man page that i don't in my docker container.00:51
Worksterpedja, fixed01:02
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pedjaWorkster: probably :) this machine has a lot of cruft collected over the years.12:42
juejaeger: good to know that 3.3 works for you as well12:43
juehowever, for me both qt4 and qt5 are broken with gcc 6, would be nice if someon else could test/confirm that12:46
frinnsthm not sure about qt412:50
frinnstsounds familiar12:51
juehmm, BLFS has nothing special for qt 5.7 in the recipe, so this might be problem with our port ...13:12
jue.oOo. would be nice to see a more minimal qt5 port, BLFS one lists python2 (!) and Xorg as a required dep ;)13:17
pedjayou could move most of the stuff to 'Optional', but does 'prt-get depinst' uses that line?hm.13:36
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pedjaminimal qt5 port is certainly doable, but what is 'minimal'?13:59
pedjaand splliting it up in several ports is an option, but maintaince nightmare, imho14:01
pedjaI did make a separate port for qt-webkit, beacuse it makes sense to me :)14:02
pedjaand cuts the build time by 2/3, which is a nice bonus14:03
juewell, as I said above, the BLFS way14:19
jueand I agree, webkit should be a separate port14:20
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