IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-09-19

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frinnstteK_: you told me that!08:54
frinnstwhen the git driver was tested08:54
frinnst.. that it should default to --depth 1 but our repos couldnt handle ti08:54
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juefrinnst: the symlinks are not old, I've added them with 7.0-beta209:54
juewithout them it's not possible to update bash/readline from ports09:55
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frinnstoh? my bad then :)10:10
frinnstACTION looks at the history10:10
frinnsti was sure it was the symlinks we added before 3.210:11
jueno worries :)10:14
juefrinnst: guess you mixed that up with ncurses10:33
jueand yes, here we can remove the *.5 symlinks IMO10:34
frinnstahhhh yes10:48
frinnstfuck me10:48
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