IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-09-20

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jaegerteK_: have you had any more time to consider upgrading I don't remember what the verdict was last time we talked about it02:59
jaegerThe comments earlier about updating git made me think of it02:59
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Workstersomething about outdated and unmaintained pmwiki modules04:58
Worksternot compatible with newer versions of...04:59
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frinnstyeah all discussions we had has always fizzled out07:38
frinnsti remember i was ready to drive down to kalmarndc and do the upgrade last year07:39
frinnstthe biggest problem we have i guess, is that we dont control crux.nu07:39
frinnstunless tek or jue can make changes07:39
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Romsterwell charlie is about too?10:46
Romsterhe is here after all.10:46
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frinnsti've asked him a couple of questions but never recieved a response12:42
frinnstour spf-records is broken for example12:42
jaegerdoes he respond to emails? Maybe that would work better13:50
jaegerIt would be nice to upgrade the hardware to something more modern, too, or virtualize the server13:50
jaegerThough we've said all this before13:58
frinnst"v=spf1 -all"14:12
frinnstthat does not include the subnet is on14:12
jaegeryeah, I checked it as well when you talked about it last14:15
deus_exteK_: you might want to bump gnu-efi to
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