IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-09-30

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frinnst2Romster: got a few footprint issues with qt5 - 2 missing09:20
frinnst2also run into this:
frinnst2iirc i recognise this error from the ml or irc iirc09:23
Romsterqt5 is noting but a pain -_-09:52
Romsteri also found some more work directory paths in qt5 i need to sed out too.09:53
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RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/qt5#5.7.0-2.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded12:00
Romsterand that's in a clean environment too.12:00
Romsterhow do i find this issue12:00
frinnst2 <- my installed packages on this machine13:44
frinnst2btw wgetpaste is kinda broken right now. you can bump it to 2.28 without issues13:45
Romsteryeah you have to pick another paste service13:47
Romsteron my TODO list13:47
Romsterfirefox 49.0.1 is out too13:48
Romsternot sure if it's a minor bug fix or what i didn't read the changelog13:49
frinnst22.28 works with the default configuration13:49
frinnst249.0.1 just fix a windows-only thingy13:49
Romsterfigured as much13:50
Romsteryou probably don't need rp-pppoe and rpm2targz13:59
Romsterit's probably cmake i'd figure about to test that13:59
rmulljaeger: psycopg2 can be updated:
jaegerhrmm, wonder why my ck4up didn't report that15:35
jaegerthanks, I'll look at it15:35
pedjafrinnst2: which port is causing that second error?15:48
pedjaadding 'export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/share/qt5' might fix it.15:52
pedjaif qtchooser was in opt, you wouldn't have this issues :)15:54
pedjaoh, well15:55
Romsteri'm moving qt5 directories around, so libs are in /usr/lib16:26
Romsteri found a way that does not create conflicts with qt416:26
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frinnstpedja: ah thanks. it wasnt a port - git checkout17:06
pedjaRomster: really?no black magic or human sacrifice involved?nice.17:17
pedjabtw, any thoughts on qt-webkit port I sent you a while back?17:19
pedjait's lightly tested, and not very pretty, but it works for me[tm]17:20
pedjaif cmake and qt5 had a FB page, their relationship status would be 'it's complicated'17:23
rmullteK_: postgresql can be bumped18:15
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