IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-10-02

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pedjafrinnst: any tips?
frinnstno errors earlier?13:08
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pedja"/usr/pkgmk/build/firefox/src/firefox-49.0/old-configure: 19679: test: Illegal number:" <--just this13:29
frinnstno clue. never seen it before13:30
frinnstno strangeness in the environemnt?13:31
pedjasame error with root and fakeroot.13:32
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pedjaI'll try to debug it later, gtg now (food :) )13:41
pedjafrinnst: PEBKAC (typo in MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf).Sorry for the noise.14:04
frinnstphew :)14:04
pedjasomehow I forgot to add '-j' in front of $(nproc) :).14:05
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frinnstteK_: tv tip: Marcella
teK_does zoidberg approve?18:55
teK_What about westworld?18:55
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frinnstzoidberg approves20:27
frinnstalas he is away digging through trash for his next meal20:27
teK_I saw :[20:35
pedjawho/what is zoidberg?20:37
teK_a dear, common friend20:49
teK_the trash thing may be a metaphor. Maybe.20:59
pedjaRomster: good work with qt5 far, all my qt5 apps build/run just fine :)23:17
pedjawithout qtchooser, that is.nice.23:18
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jaegerI revived my aborted c pkgutils stuff today, good times23:41
jaegerbit rusty23:41
onodera I should rewrite my pkgutils in a language that people respect lol23:48
jaegerwhat is it? rust? go?23:49
onoderait's currently all written in fish, heh. I doen't make use of prt-get btw.23:50
onoderaI wanna rewrite it in go probably23:50

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