IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-10-03

jaegerIf I ever finish this rewrite it would replace both prt-get and pkgutils with a new tool00:34
jaegerthough pkgmk would stay the same00:34
jaegerThe first time I started this I think I way over-thought how to create a hashmap of packages from the package database. Made it too complicated and got confused00:35
jaegerdoing it more simply this time around but I'm slow. Don't program often00:36
jaegerunrelated, finished up season 2 of dark matter. need more :P00:36
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Romster<pedja> same error with root and fakeroot. <- tried using bash instead of dash?01:59
Romsteroh your MAKEFLAGS carry on i should read more before replying01:59
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS="-j $(/usr/bin/getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)"02:00
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frinnst2ah you did the evdev release - forgot about that07:57
jueyeah, I'm finally back into CRUX business ;)09:43
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Romsterwb jue10:22
jueRomster: thx10:30
Romsterdid you enjoy your holiday if that was what you were doing?10:31
jueyeah, was only partly holiday but I had a good time at all10:46
Romsterwell that's the main part :)10:46
jueindeed :)10:48
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frinnstteK_: you mind removing my mirror from your script?17:57
jaegerfrinnst: is the only host for
frinnst[Lag: 8.70]18:13
frinnstfuck 4g18:13
frinnstits very speedy in the mornings but at the evening it suuuucks18:14
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Romsterwas going to say i could mirror but it's down... so i can not.21:32
frinnstI can set it up again tomorrow21:59
frinnstit was not on my high prio list when i found out my connection would be down. told pitillo and he didnt mind either :>22:00
jaegerNot a high priority, I was just curious.22:05
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frinnstdone - soon'ish22:19
frinnstuploading now22:20
jaegerjue: welcome back, glad you had a good time22:27
frinnstWe are very proud to announce the availability of the long anticipated Nitrokey Storage.22:42
frinnstnice.. bit pricey though22:42
frinnst 199.00 EUR22:42
frinnst 99.00 EUR  for 8gb22:42
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frinnstall done23:58

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