IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-10-04

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juejaeger: thanks11:21
jueteK_: I've committed something to tools/pkgutils.git today and after that commit the repo disappeared from our gitweb14:28
jueteK_: I quick lock shows me that all the new objects are o-r, guess that's the reason14:29
jaegersounds like the same issue we fixed some time back with other repos14:30
jueah, ok14:32
jaegerI might be wrong but I think that was the same14:32
jaegerI believe it was fixed by setting sharedRepository = 0664 AND recursive setguid on the dir14:33
jaeger(looking at opt.git for reference)14:34
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teK_can fix that later today :)15:42
juethx :)16:05
jueX.Org security advisory:
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teK_jue: fixed, please retry22:23

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