IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-10-06

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Romsterfrinnst, configure:5453: checking for unzip09:40
Romsterconfigure:5509: checking for zip09:40
Romstermissing them in thunderbirds depends on line09:41
Romsterwhich breaks prt-get depinst thunderbird in a clean system09:42
frinnst2remind me again in 4 hrs :)11:23
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frinnstACTION pokes Romster 20:32
frinnstremoved xorg-libxss from xorg20:32
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Romsterfrinnst, duplicate of what?21:28
Romsteri could not find it21:28
Romsterxorg-libxscrnsaver ah why the hell didn't i find that.21:31
Romsteri should of looked for the pc file sighs21:36
Romsterfrinnst, thunderbird needs unzip zip added to depends on line.21:37
Romsterah i should of looked you fixed it already21:38
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