IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-10-10

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juefrinnst2, jaeger : what do you think, time for opt/xorg 3.3 branches?15:21
jaegerSure, no reason not to15:24
juewell, it's a bit of a pain to have the two different branches because of the signinfy stuff merging isn't that smooth as it was in the past15:37
jueafter a merge 3.2 -> 3.3 you have to create another commit with the updated signatures15:38
jueso it would be nice if the final release is not too far away after branching ;)15:46
juejaeger: do you have any additions to TODO33?16:25
jaegerNone currently16:32
frinnstwe need to create and distribute the secret keys to everyone that need it18:53
juefrinnst2: would you mind doing the key creation and distribution?19:10
frinnstno problem! send me your gpg keys everyone!19:18
frinnstI'll send a mail to the devel mailinglist tomorrow19:19
juethx :)19:23
pedjajue:  fs#1306 could be closed, since binutils ship with libiberty.a now :)21:24
pedjaglvnd will mature (when mesa enables it by default) just in time for Crux 4.0.21:30

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