IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-10-15

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juewrt the shadow update, see the commit message, please06:08
jueoops, link [2] should be -> ;)06:14
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jueFYI, just created 3.3 branches for opt and xorg11:02
juenow trying to add .signature files to all opt ports, the bad thing is that I have to download all sources first ;)11:03
juebtw, the pkgmk option -r is really usefull for such tasks11:04
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jueok, added signatures to all opt port11:55
juesame for xorg12:04
juepub keys for opt and xorg are in core/ports and updated on
juefrinnst: anything else to do?12:20
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frinnstno, dont think so. I've sent them out to jaeger too. waiting for keys from everyone else14:12
frinnstsent opt to tek too14:13
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jaegerfrinnst: got them, thanks15:08
teK__% gpg --list-secret-keys15:45
teK__ssb   rsa4096 2014-05-04 [E] [expires: 2019-05-03]15:45
teK__and then it complains, it cannot decrypt your msg with a key from 2014-05-0415:45
frinnst[Lag: 13 (??)]16:37
frinnsti looooove my connection16:38
frinnstFirefox can't find the server at
teK__your fault, just checked out 3.3 and opt is has already signed each port16:43
teK__<3 I really like, that my hands are all over this (except the private key) :))16:44
frinnst13:56 <jue> ok, added signatures to all opt port16:44
teK__btw, I toyed around with minijail the other night and it really seems to be a nice way to use namespaces without systemd's toolset. It also does a whole lot of uther useful things like adding seccomp or capability restrictions16:45
teK__will add a port soon :-)16:45
teK__if you want to see a bad presentation, check the TPM pres from the Intel bearded north-folk guy :D16:46
frinnst [Lag: 19.47]16:47
frinnstmaybe another day..16:47
teK__ACTION sings cry m e a river16:47
frinnstall my witty comebacks are lost due to packet loss16:48
teK__ is the result of: sudo ./minijail0 -p -u tek =top -n 1 -b16:49
teK__btw.. any decision on contrib signing? Also I am missing core and xorg keys, frinnst16:50
teK__and their -32 counter-parts. And yes, occasioanally, I do commit to those repos, too16:51
frinnstI dont, someone else need to generate that key16:51
teK__I can do that, if nobody else has16:53
teK__on the server that hosts the source files..16:53
teK__jue / jaeger: objections?16:53
frinnstso we should package the public keys with pkgutils?16:54
teK__hen-egg problem. But yeah, for example16:54
frinnsthow do we distribute new keys if we need to? can you sign with both keys?16:55
frinnstas in old and new16:55
teK__you cant16:58
teK__I do hope we dont need to roll new keys between releases, so this should not be too much of an issue16:59
teK__you can always have opt and opt-3.3 folders with separate keys for this scenario (and for us doing pre-release commits in the next release-branches)17:00
teK__btw.. one argument for process namespaces was, that the priv sep between processes of different users may have bugs. I found that funny. As if the namespace code didnt have any ;-)17:01
teK__gotta got. Celebrating. BRB FOLKS17:01
jaegercontrib would be more work since there are more people involved... I foresee a bit of forgetting to update signatures18:24
frinnstgod.. why cant net-snmp just roll a new version?23:06
frinnsthunting down patches for crux 3.3 is tiresome23:06
frinnstipaddress_ioctl.o: file not recognized: File truncated23:07
frinnstwhat a strange error23:07
frinnstdidnt expect it to build successfully the second time23:07
frinnst=======> Package '/usr/ports/pkg/net-snmp#5.7.3-3.pkg.tar.gz' is up to date.23:08
frinnstdoh, previous build was made with -kw :D23:09

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