IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-10-17

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frinnst2_yeah, i signed it :)07:19
juefrinnst2_: guess, we forgot the compat-32 repo07:27
jueI don't use it but oversaw it ;)07:28
juecan do the signing part if you send me the key07:32
frinnst2_I dont have a key for compat-3208:39
frinnst2_% signify -G -n -c $repo -p ${repo}.pub -s ${repo}.sec08:40
frinnst2_ suggests someone has created keys for it though. tek perhaps?08:41
teK__yes -- feel free to replace08:50
juefrinnst2_: I'd like it if one person is the "key-master" for our official repos ;)11:22
jueand compat-32 is the last official repo, contrib is not11:23
jueor we hand the whole key-job over to someone else, probably teK__ :)11:29
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frinnst2_I dont mind. what could go wrong? :D11:44
juefrinnst2_: btw, do you use mesa 12?11:55
frinnst2_yeah, no issues here12:10
frinnst2_still not marked as "stable" last i looked but that seems to be determined pretty randomly12:10
teK__I'm in, feel free to pass on12:16
juesorry, have to run now, bbl12:35
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frinnstdone and done15:24
frinnstsent to jue, jaeger & tek15:24
frinnststill missing keys from everyone else15:24
john_cephalopodaHi btw15:27
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pedjafrinnst: are you waiting for new xorg/mesa releases before shipping 3.3, or?15:59
pedjaboth are pretty massive, feature wise16:00
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juepedja: no, we ship 3.3 with the current stable, which is 12.0.x ATM16:05
pedjasmart move.traditionally, it takes xorg a few minor releases to stabilize after major release :)16:08
juepedja: I'm talking about mesa not xorg, we will see what will happen with xorg, don't know if xorg-server 1.19 will be ready in time or not16:14
pedjaoh, sorry, I misread that.16:21
pedjaI always thought that xorg/mesa are more tightly coupled, so it would make sense to either ship xorg-1.18/mesa-12.0.x, or xorg-1.19/mesa-12.1(13?).16:23
pedjabut mesa is developed much more quickly, so that doesn't really work :)16:24
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frinnstI dont think mesa3d has every really broken anything actually18:27
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