IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-10-19

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Romster<rmull> Heads up, some extra-tangy curl update will happen on Nov 2:
Romsterbelongs in here too rmull02:36
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rmullInterested to see what the impact is...03:20
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frinnst2_btw romster, fix gpg keys!08:23
Romsteri haven't even made one or if i did i have no idea where it is now08:33
frinnst2_fix a new one then :-)09:45
frinnst2_we need to distribute the xorg, opt and compat-32 keys09:45
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pedjawould someone update swig to 3.0.10?version bumb is enough.15:00
pedjaI would send a patch, but footprint mismatch would be massive ( I  have a bunch of additional crap on the system)15:02
frinnstdid you tell sepen?15:19
frinnsthes usually pretty quick to fix stuff if he's missed something15:19
pedjaI'll open the issue on FS later.15:20
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juefrinnst: mesa 12.0.3 works for me with nouveau and intel, you have no problems with radeon, so it should be save to push the update?17:24
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jueok, will do the update tomorrow19:31
frinnstpedja: just sending him a mail will probably fix it quicker20:27
pedjawouldn't opening a bug on FS send him mail anyway?20:28
frinnstyeah but more work to close the ticket than to just bump the port20:29
frinnstassuming its a simple fix ofcourse20:29
pedjajust a version bump, nothing fancy.20:29
pedjait's a bugfix release mostly.20:30
pedjaunrelated: check out Travelers, new Netflix SF show.looks promising.20:32
pedjavim's patchlevel is aleady at double digits.I'm impressed.20:40
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