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frinnst2_So I am looking around to get a simpe rackserver and to donate that to crux. I could set it up at work. Thoughts?12:23
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frinnst2_hi jue. you just missed this:12:26
frinnst2_14:23 < frinnst2_> So I am looking around to get a simpe rackserver and to donate that to crux. I could set it up at work. Thoughts?12:26
frinnst2_i feel we need to do something about the current hardware soon'ish12:29
frinnst2_maybe try to find a cheap used hp g7 server or something12:34
crash_what should the server do?12:40
frinnst2_I could also donate a virtual server today but last time i brought that up it met with some resistance.12:44
frinnst2_guess owning the hardware requires less trust in the provider12:44
crash_any gen7 and forward will do it? or another brand if you can get hold of that12:52
juefrinnst2_: yeah, the current hardware is old and the performance of not very good13:04
jueand, of courese, I'll participate if we buy a new server13:04
juefrinnst2_: what's your idea, exchange the server at Kalmar or even a new location?13:09
jaegerI'd rather virtualize it, personally13:15
jaegerI would also contribute some money either way but I'm not sure owning the hardware really gives us much benefit anymore13:20
frinnst2_We could exchange it in Kalmar. but that seems like extra work13:26
frinnst2_when I work at a hosting company :-)13:26
frinnst2_If we virtualize it my employer would sponsor us with free hosting, daily backups etc13:26
frinnst2_teks worry last time i mentioned that was what would happen if i got fired or whatnot :-)13:27
frinnst2_but that could easily be solved by a simple agreement with my employer and you guys or whatever is best13:28
frinnst2_the biggest practical issue i guess is DNS. since we dont control that at all afaik13:29
jaegerWe could also just host it with a neutral provider like linode, vultr, digital ocean, etc.13:32
jaegerWouldn't be free but we wouldn't need an expensive plan13:32
frinnst2_yeah I dont mind that either13:36
pedjais this too good to be true ?13:38
jaegerlooks like good prices. I don't know anything about that company to say whether or not it's too good to be true, though13:42
jaegerfor comparison, some others:
jaegerI doubt that the distinction between "root server" and "VPS" is important for the kind of workloads we do on (or lack thereof)13:43
juewell, Kalmar is a provider too and we had free services over many years from there, maybe it would be fair to ask him as well if we want something new or different13:48
jaegerCan't hurt to ask, certainly13:50
juefrinnst2_: can you do that?14:13
frinnst2_ACTION pokes mavrick61 14:29
frinnst2_I dont think he checks irc at all :-)14:29
frinnst2_but yeah, sure. I'll send him an email14:29
juethx :)14:35
frinnst2_so should we spec up what we need? cpu, ram, disk, network14:41
frinnst2_2 cores, 4gb ram? 8gb? more?14:41
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jaegerI'd say 2 cores and 4gb is probably plenty. I don't even build packages on my crux VPS, I do that on a local VM and upload them14:43
jaegerwhat tiers of VPS does Kalmar have?14:44
frinnst2_no clue14:45
frinnst2_let me check14:45
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frinnst2_not many details on the webpage and doesnt look like they have specific tiers14:46
frinnst2_probably design each solution on the customers spec - just like we do14:46
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jaegerfrinnst2_: regarding your supermicro question, no idea on the CTO models, I can't find anything useful there15:10
jaegerI've used supermicro hardware several times, though, and been happy with it15:11
jaegerStill using my x9scm-f ESXi server15:11
jaegerusually they'll have a naming convention slide for each series, like this:
jaegerthere is one thing I just remembered I wanted to change for 3.3 - we should remove the -h option from dhcpcd in /etc/rc.d/net - it's no longer needed and in rare cases breaks things15:52
jaegerAnyone object to that?15:52
jueno, that's fine for me15:58
frinnstI had another tweak for rc.d/net16:43
frinnstjust a sec. not sure you'll agree since its not 100% specific16:44
frinnstwhen stopping a static interface:16:46
frinnst        /sbin/ip route flush dev eth016:46
frinnst        /sbin/ip link set eth0 down16:46
frinnst        /sbin/ip addr flush dev eth016:46
frinnstcleaner i think?16:46
frinnstthough would remove all ip's that may have been set after the interface was brought up16:46
jaegerI'm definitely not a fan of clobbering IPs or routes that we didn't create in the script16:47
frinnsthehe figured there might be some objections :-)16:48
frinnstfair enough16:49
jaegerI can understand the desire for it but it might also be a nasty shock for some advanced setups :)16:49
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teK__that escalatin °_°20:42
teK__frinnst2_: wrt the firing argument: we can mirror the backup to e.g., and maybe jaeger's server. The still, we need to get conrol over the domain20:43
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teK__I'd opt for a free variant because of personal fluctuation and I am not willing to pay as long as someone offers free hosting. Also I dislike asking others for donations20:45
jaegerI wouldn't advocate asking for donations anyway, for what that's worth. even if we went non-free20:53
teK__so the (core) devs will pay?20:55
jaegerSomeone has to. :) Depending on the plan, I'll pay it myself if it comes to that21:04
teK__I am against that21:06
teK__why not go with fredrik's employer?21:06
jaegerI did not suggest avoiding his employer21:16
jaegeror kalmar21:16
jaegeronly virtualizing21:16
teK__yes? why21:17
jaegerIs that a serious question?21:17
teK__you suggest to virtualize or NOT virtualize?21:18
teK__I read it as the latter ;)21:18
jaegerto virtualize. I see no benefit to keeping a physical machine around21:18
teK__now I guess you do suggest to21:18
jaegersorry for the ambiguous wording21:19
teK__no problem21:19
jaegerI meant to say "I only suggest virtualizing"21:19
teK__America destroyed my stomach over in Milford21:19
jaegerwhere we host it doesn't matter to me, really. If it's free, that's great21:19
teK__holy moly..21:19
jaegerIf it's not, I don't mind contributing some money21:19
teK__ok, so shall we trigger fredrik to ask?21:19
frinnstdo you have charlies email? I only found random info@ and support@ addresses21:20
frinnstI do think i have his phone number still - we shared some SMS a few years ago :-)21:21
teK__I have his skype :P21:21
teK__we did the call at christmas over skype21:21
frinnsthehe yeah I remember21:21
teK__he is online21:22
frinnstyeah but im 100% sure he never checks irc :)21:22
frinnstACTION pokes mavrick61 21:22
teK__no in skype he's online21:22
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