IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-10-23

Romsterlast time i bumped jdk sepen roasted me for not informing him and he was about to do it anyways., i just wish jdk got updated at the same time as jre did.01:39
Romstersent you an email frinnst with my public gpg key01:56
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frinnstRomster: I cant import your key for some reason. Could you upload it to a keyserver?11:45
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Romsterfrinnst, DD2C0E9D5C1BA1FF keyserver2.pgp.com13:47
frinnstits just a signing key?14:23
frinnstDanny Rawlins (General signing key)14:24
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Romsteri did that frinnst21:09
Romstergpg2 --full-gen-key21:12
Romstergpg: key DD2C0E9D5C1BA1FF marked as ultimately trusted21:12
Romsteri used the defaults so it can sign and can encrypt21:26
frinnstcan you read that mail?21:29
Romsterno matching private/secret key found to decrypt message21:51
Romsterstrange it says it's encrypted using my key21:51
Romsterusing thunderbird, and i gotta get to work21:52
frinnstyeah you need to import it in enigmail22:02
frinnstbtw the problem i had with your key was because the address in the key was different22:02
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