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pitillois there any problem with mails? I'm not getting anything from mailing lists since August07:50
frinnst2_works for me07:56
frinnst2_there were issues with spf records. not sure if that is still the case07:57
frinnst2_teK__: did you have charlies email address?08:51
frinnst2_or anyone else for that matter..08:52
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frinnst2_ACTION petar på mavrick61 10:16
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frinnst2_nevermind, got it11:03
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frinnstjust spoke to charlie. He is very keen on keeping helping out crux :-)17:48
teK__i.e. he won't let us go? :p17:52
frinnsthehe pretty much18:12
frinnstsuggested we find a cheap supermicro server or something similar18:12
frinnst[Lag: 42.88]18:12
teK__in fact, I may have a spare Fujitsu Primergy Server handy18:12
teK__19" 3 or 4 HE18:13
frinnstany ilo/kvm/whatever access over ip?18:13
teK__I have to check18:13
frinnstIntel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.40GHz18:13
teK__I did order some with ILOM back then18:14
teK__yeah something like that, it should be be a RX300S318:14
frinnstso old doesnt even show when it was released18:14
teK__I will swing by tomorrow and have a look18:14
frinnst<3 crux.nu18:14
teK__it has 15k SAS disks!!18:14
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frinnst3.5" ?18:14
teK__146GB per disk, iirc18:14
teK__I will check. it's two and my old employer is cleaning up stuff so they become vacant18:15
frinnstI could probably steal an old hp gen6 tower from work18:15
teK__don't steal :-)18:15
frinnstbut no rackmounts or ilo :(18:15
jaegerDid he have anything to say about VPS vs. physical?18:15
frinnstgot the impression they dont do much virtualization18:15
frinnstonly for customer solutions18:16
frinnstbtw, one reason why he really wants to helps is because of you jaeger18:16
frinnstyou helped him with some mdadm stuff a few years ago?18:16
jaegerYeah, though I don't remember the details at this point18:17
frinnstyou left an impression :D18:17
teK__a good one not as you do, frinnst18:18
frinnstbe careful or i'll delete your wiki pages18:18
jaegerHe's a nice guy, I enjoyed chatting with him18:18
teK___again_? It's getting old!18:24
teK__I agree, very nice.18:24
teK__So I will see what's on the table tomorrow :]18:24
jaegerwhether physical or virtual it'll be nice to have a 64-bit server18:32
jaegerAnd maybe not constant SMART emails :)18:32
jaegerI have 9x 146GB 10k SAS drives sitting here on my desk I'd be happy to donate if it were a 2.5" platform18:34
teK__the on e I have in mind should have 6x146GB18:34
teK__i.e. full house ;)18:34
teK__the only issue is RAM, I think it has 4GB of it18:36
jaegerlooks like those take ddr2, bit harder to find cheaply these days18:36
teK__and, of course, it's super special buffered ecc something RAM18:37
jaegerwell, the current has 1G18:37
jaegerso it would still be an upgrade18:37
jaegeractually, ddr2 667 ECC is cheaper than I expected on ebay18:38
jaegerso that's an option, at least18:38
teK__yes! :)18:38
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jaegerOr you could pull from other decommissioned servers if there are multiples, maybe :)18:39
teK__shipping for a slighlyt smaler package is 30EUR18:39
teK__international. wtf18:39
teK__that's way less than I expected18:39
teK__sick Amazon PRIME society :x18:39
teK__ok it's around 50EUR because of the size18:40
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jaegerIf you end up needing to buy some RAM I'll donate some money via paypal or google wallet or whatever18:45
teK__god to know, thx. We will see :]18:46
jaegerSemi-related, I'm really happy with the Dell R610 servers I bought from ebay recently18:47
jaeger$169 USD for 2x Xeon 5530, 32GB RAM, 3x 146GB SAS drives18:47
jaegerI'm not using the drives but still, the price was great18:48
teK__agreed, nice.18:49
jaegerrunning a vmware cluster with vsan18:50
jaegerreplaced the drives with 1x 250GB Samsung 850 pro and 2x 1TB WD Red 2.5" in all 3 servers18:51
teK__mostly an upgrade ;)18:53
jaegercapacity was more important than speed on the spinners18:53
jaegerThe SSDs are cache tier, the spinners capacity tier18:53
teK__so you do this in your spare time18:54
teK__funny :}18:54
jaegerThat gives me ~5.4TB of virtual san18:54
jaegerYeah, I'm a nerd. :P18:54
jaegerIt's useful for work and resumes, though18:54
teK__my former boss has 16TB worth of data at home18:56
teK__"I do backup to AWS but only 1TB for the most important stuff"18:56
teK__I have a non-mirrored non-backed up 3TB USB disk :P18:56
jaegerI have a 4TB for my backups. It's not filled. :) But it is backed up to crashplan18:57
teK__I'm too grasping and lazy :[18:58
teK__strike that. Adventurous.18:58
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jaegerhehe, indeed18:59
frinnstspf should be sorted now19:05"v=spf1 -all"19:05"v=spf1 ip4: -all"19:05
teK__nice. Will DNS interaction stay on manual communication/means?19:15
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frinnstdidnt talk about that but I doubt they can open up for us to do it19:22
frinnstunless we host a nameserver ourselves and then perhaps charlie could set up some slave zones19:22
teK__it would be enough, if we have somebod to promptly reply19:27
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frinnstbtw charlies email: sysup@kalmarndc.se20:18
frinnstsysop@ asdf20:18
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jaegerfrinnst: is charlie the one who actually owns the domain now?22:43
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