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frinnst2_jaeger: nope, he doesnt know who it is07:27
frinnst2_must be Per, right?07:28
frinnst2_jaeger: another RC fan :)07:56
juefrinnst2_: yeah, I think so, is still owned and payed by Per10:16
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frinnst2_I can probably find cpu and memory11:32
frinnst2_we have a bunch of extra xeon 53xx cpus and loooots of 2gb ram11:33
frinnst2_fuck it, im buying it11:33
pedjaddr2?may I have some :) ?11:34
frinnst2_its registered ecc11:37
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frinnst2_done & done11:41
frinnst2_if you guys dont want it ill keep it for myself :)11:42
frinnst2_2244SEK = 247.57 USD incl. shipping11:43
frinnst2_my employer will sponsor us with 2 cpus and ram. might be able to score some drives too11:50
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frinnst2_jue: i just bought a server for (if you guys agree, otherwise ill keep it for myself)11:53
frinnst2_13:43 < frinnst2_> 2244SEK = 247.57 USD incl. shipping11:53
frinnst2_13:50 < frinnst2_> my employer will sponsor us with 2 cpus and ram. might be able to score some drives too11:53
juefrinnst2_: great, I'll take part of that with 200 Euros ;)12:04
frinnst2_haha nah, lets atleast split it12:04
frinnst2_will probably need some more stuff too like a ilo/kvm-over-ip card12:05
frinnst2_the same retailer has stuff like that for cheap12:05
frinnst2_so my idea was this: put the server together and install 3.3 on it. set it up at work with a public ip so we can test it and finish the install12:06
juewell, you'll have the work to setup the server, so it's ok for me to pay more12:06
frinnst2_then talk to charlie and drive down to kalmar and install it12:06
juesounds like a plan :)12:07
juehow far is Kalmar from your town?12:08
frinnst2_just 140km12:08
frinnst2_my home town is in the same "län" so we share stuff like healthcare and everything. Per used to live in Oskarshamn, 70km from my hometown12:09
frinnst2_everything crux is very local to me :D12:09
juenice :)12:09
frinnst2_i *think* Pers father is the swedish ambasador to finland (random trivia)12:12
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jaegerfrinnst2_: nice pic, heh14:36
juejaeger: just saw your commit to iso.git. Does that mean that your're preparing a test iso? ;)14:53
jaegerpreparing to be ready to prepare a test ISO :D15:05
jaegerDo we need to do anything more with respect to signatures before a test ISO can be made?15:06
juedon't think so, if core/siginfy is in place everything should work out of the box15:17
juethe pub keys are in core/ports and pkgutils 5.40 works without issues for me15:18
jaegerok, I'll start working on an ISO build soon15:30
jueawesome, thanks a lot15:33
jaegerno problem15:38
teK__so I took pictures of the servers today *cough*16:46
teK__any SAS drives in need, frinnst?16:46
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jaegerfrinnst2_: ?19:48
jaegerSo both teK__'s and that one are pre-nehalem19:49
jaegerwas just curious if one was much newer than the other, seems they're the same19:50
frinnstteK__: its sata21:03
frinnstnot sure what we should do about drives.. how much storage do we need?21:04

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