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jaegerHad to work out some EFI changes but I've got a test ISO built17:15
jaegeruploading to
pedjaso, I was thinking of submitting Crux to osinfo-db.It looks like this:
pedjadoes that look OK?17:50
jaegerlooks alright17:52
onodera<derives-from id=""/>17:56
onoderadon't they mean with this something like debian for ubuntu17:56
onoderainstead of the previous version?17:56
onoderapedja: also I'm pretty sure "name" should be CRUX instead of Crux17:57
pedjaDebian derives from Debian, so :)17:59
pedjaand the name should be CRUX. you are right.18:00
pedjaI'll fix that before submitting the patch.18:02
frinnst+    <family>GNU/Linux</family>18:16
frinnstACTION has no idea what osinfo-db is18:17
frinnstwhat uses that?18:18
pedjalibvirt/virt-install/virt-manager use it to set the sane defaults when you make a VM18:19
pedjaGnome Boxes should use it too.18:19
pedjathat's the plan, anyway18:19
frinnstah. nifty18:25
pedjaI am currently figuring out how to make a CRUX template image for virt-builder, like these:
pedjaand virt-builder can use ansible for provisioning, so I am going thru 'Ansible for dummies' atm :)18:39
pedja'Ansible for DevOps', to be exact.It's pretty good.18:43
jaegerdoes that mean devops are dummies? :D19:21
jaegerACTION has a devops title19:21
pedjaSurely, some are ;)19:39
pedjadevops is an interesting concept.19:41
pedjaadmins working side by side with the developers, one big happy dysfunctional family19:43
pedjaI have a few friends that work in the field, every time we meet for a drink, it's Slackware vs. Gentoo/Arch debate.19:50
onoderado you sit there feeling superior to both teams as a crux user? lol19:51
pedjapretty much, yes :)19:52
pedjathey may disagree on pretty much everything, but hatred for Centos7 unites them.19:55
pedjaI never used it, so I can't comment.19:55
onoderadistros like centos seem very rigid to me19:59
onoderanever used it either though19:59
pedjabut it's pretty much a requirement for OpenStack, so they are stuck with it.19:59
jaegerwe use centos for nearly everything at work20:00
jaegerIt's fine, in my opinion. But I've also used a lot of other distros and don't hate any20:00
pedjabest tool for the job, and all that20:01
jaegerYeah. I've told a few of my coworkers about crux but most of them aren't really linux enthusiasts, just users20:01
jaegerwe also manage most of it with puppet and we're starting to use a little bit of ansible20:02
pedjaansible/salt are interesting to me as a way to document what the hell have I done the last time with the server :)20:03
pedjaI am old, I forget stuff.20:04
pedjaour friend, a Windows admin, thinks we are nuts, though."No GUI?What is this, the Stone Age?"20:11
pedjawe didn't tell him about Powershell.Yet.20:12
onoderaonly someone who never used the command line would say something like that20:14
pedjaHe is old school.20:15
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frinnstoh wow is he in for a surprise21:11
frinnstwindows server will probably soon only be powershell21:11
frinnstiirc 2016 defaults to "core" when installing21:12
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pedjanano server is tiny (by MS standards), ~600Mb :)21:38
pedja1.3Gb footprint, by some estimates.21:41
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pedjaRemote management only.Which CM has support for Windows, Salt?21:44
pedjaor Ansible?But instead of running python on the node, it runs powershell scripts?21:45
pedjaAnsible, since 1.7.21:50
pedja(native) OpenSSH server on a Win machine will be nice to have.21:53
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