IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-10-31

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frinnst2_jaeger: also the server I bought is brand new07:40
frinnst2_but also old.. :)07:40
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jaegerfrinnst2_: yeah, I meant old in terms of hardware generation15:50
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jaegerLooks like mesa3d links against libgcrypt/libgpg-error if they're found in 3.316:50
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juejaeger: hi17:28
jueit's the same with 3.2 here17:28
juejaeger: the iso works for me, at least for an update, will try a fresh install tomorrow17:29
juewrt mesa: seems that a sha1 implementation is needed, --with-sha1=libcrypto forces linking against openssl17:48
jueguess that's "better" because we need openssl anyway17:49
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teK__is there a tl;dr on the financing of this new HW? :)18:42
jueI'll donate 200 Euros18:43
jueor even a bit more if needed ;)18:44
teK__200E of ..?18:44
teK__I am asking because I am willing to donate too but would prefare to wire the money to you as I dont have paypal18:45
juewell, if frinnst2_' bank accept IBAN transfers we can go that way18:46
teK__what's the total amount, do you know?18:47
juebut if not, no problem to go with paypal18:48
juenot yet18:48
teK__frinnst2_: you speak up what you need18:49
teK__we also should think about a new wiki systems, probably.18:49
juewhy? pmwiki is still maintained and nice IMO18:52
teK__and all addons we use are not compatible with the newer version of pmwiki18:53
teK__also the reason why I did not update it, recently18:53
jueI'm using pmwiki here for my personal documentation, will have a look at the install on crux.nu19:26
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juewe probably need not everything installed there19:27
juethough, might be that our Timeline is a problem19:28
teK__there are more plugins, believe me.19:28
teK__but feel free t take a look..19:28
jueyeah, I know19:29
juehelped with the setup at that time ;)19:29
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juebut if you have something newer/better I'll help to transfer the pages, sure19:30
teK__I only have had experience with confluence, which is not an option I guess19:34
teK__otherwhise, I'd have to look for myself. Maybe there's standard functionality or other plugins for newer pmwiki releases19:34
jaegerwhat about something like markdoc?19:47
jaegermediawiki would be another option, I guess, though it's less popular these days19:48
teK__something less PHPy? :o19:49
jaegergollum with markdown is one I've been considering checking out myself20:15
teK__wikiception \o/20:22
teK__well I dont speak ruby20:22
teK__at least not much.20:22
jaegerNor do I. I don't think anyone would need to, particularly20:24
jaegerBut if you have something else in mind, it was just a suggestion20:24
teK__it's easier to do integration and customization we'd probably want again20:26
teK__or whatever will create the timeline some of us love so much ;)20:27
jaegerThe new system could run it in a docker image, even20:46
jaegerACTION ducks20:46
teK__yeah, right. Great.20:49
teK__I am getting that @work too20:50
teK__I'm fine with it as long as the important things are fixed first ;-)20:50
jaegerI don't have a strong preference on it. As long as it works and is easy to use.20:51
jaegerWe could undoubtedly generate the timeline in some other way if that's a blocker20:52
teK__that's true, as long as it helps to solve real problems. I still think that docker is fancy wrapper around namespace magic, another process and also an ill cure for shitty packet managers21:07
jaegerI'm no docker evangelist, it was a joke :P21:10
teK__pah! jokes end right HERE!21:11
teK__as I wrote, I am getting that at work while we still have other, bigger issues, so I might be a little too passionate on that topic21:12
jaegerWe use a lot of it at work. It does the job.21:14
teK__'we' are doing it for 15 servers / installations (multiple on one server/vm)21:15
teK__how many containers do you have?21:16
jaeger~25 per container host, 2 hosts in each DC21:24
teK__hm, alright21:29
jaegerso probably not "a lot" for any big development shop but a lot for our small team21:31
teK__yeah, will be interesting to see, if those pay off in the long term for us21:43
teK__you are not using kubernetes or the like?21:43
jaegernope. some docker-compose21:44
jaegerWe're going to look at vsphere integrated containers soon, too, hopefully21:44
teK__good luck / fun21:45
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