IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-11-01

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frinnst2_server has arrived \o/10:17
frinnst2_ram and cpu are sorted. what remains is disks and an OOB card10:18
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crash_sweet machine :)11:19
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rmullI kind of like supermicro11:50
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frinnst2_posts OK with 2 xeons = 8 cores and 12GB ram12:46
frinnst2_only had 6 2gb modules in the office. i'll probably get 2*2gb more and add12:46
pedjanice new home for it have a name yet?12:55
pedjaor will it inherit the old one?12:57
frinnst2_about to go hook it up right now :D13:05
jaegerfrinnst2_: looks good13:12
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frinnst2_didnt hook it up but its in place14:02
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jaegerfrinnst2_: to what is the sff-8087 connector on the board connected?15:04
jaegerlooks like a backplane cable but I also see the 2x sata ports nearby15:05
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jaegerthe system specs say 6x SATA with 4 drives supported (presumably because that's how many trays can fit in the front) - is the SFF-8087 port driving the 4 in the backplane up front and the other 2 are leftovers?15:12
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frinnst2_one is connected to a cdrom/dvd15:27
frinnst2_or maybe not15:28
frinnst2_didnt pay that much attention to it actually15:28
frinnst2_i'll check next time15:28
frinnst2_yeah i think 2 are left over15:29
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frinnst2_We dont have networking in the new racks yet. need to fix that first. Hope to have it done before this week is over15:50
jaegerWhere did you rack it? At work?15:53
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frinnstFTTH installed \o/16:55
frinnstbut not connected :(16:55
frinnst2 weeks16:55
frinnstconfigure: error: LLVM 3.9.0 or newer is required for radv18:06
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/mesa3d#13.0.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.18:06
frinnstACTION slaps tek18:06
frinnsthave you tried 3.9 yet?18:07
frinnstThe LLVM project no longer supports building with configure & make.18:07
frinnstPlease migrate to the CMake-based build system.18:07
frinnstso now we need cmake on the iso too?18:09
frinnstwhat a pain18:09
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darfofrinnst | = joy of dual power supplies20:48
Romsterflex is out of date and moved to github don't update to 2.6.2 just yet, mesa 13.0.0 wont build otherwise21:31
Romster- Building mesa with flex 2.6.2 is currently not possible. Please use 2.6.121:32
Romsteror older.21:32
frinnstnoticed that when i tried to build mesa :)21:38
Romsteri just looked over the emails21:40
Romsteralso sorry about my dropouts i thin they damanged a cable out front when they pulled rope though the pits leading up to pulling fiber optic through21:41
Romstermain thing was it was fine after that until telstra techie went next door to fix there phone line. not mine but since that guy did that mine went bad.21:42
Romsterso now my 6mbps to 7mbps connection is down to 1.5mbps -_- and very unstable.21:42
Romsterwhen the FTTN is in i'll have VDSL with much higher speeds, but until then i have to sort out this crap back to my usual speed.21:43
crash_Unstable internet is not fun :(21:57
frinnstand here I am complaining about 4g22:05
frinnstbut I am an egocentric bastard (you guys probably already knew that)22:05
frinnstsee... even turning this towards attention to me!22:06
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