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rmullRomster: What do you think about wxgtk 3.0.2 -> 3.1.0?01:19
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frinnstupdating curl..07:59
Romstermy internet speed has dropped down to 896,000 it'sess than 1 mbps now geez.08:13
Romsteri've got a fault lodged so i have to wait for them to fix my line.08:13
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jueRomster: thx for the hint08:57
Romsterno problem jue but it seems frinnst noticed it before me.08:59
Romsterjue, conky is here now
Romsteralso is it possible to not pu the config in /usr/etc/ i had it there i had it edited and on update it went poof gone. i had to add a line to pkgadd.conf09:03
Romsteri know i could of put ti in my $HOME but i preferred to just set it systemwide.09:03
juehmm, that's something realy use specific and nothing I'd see in /etc09:05
Romstertrue guess it's really up to the user to do it as they please.09:06
Romsteri've solved it with my own pkgadd.conf line but i forgot about that on the first try.09:06
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frinnst2_who changes the default config for conky? isnt it all about .conkyrc ?11:19
Romsteri can't even do crap with this connection it can wait11:20
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frinnstjaeger: thoughts about storage for the server?17:48
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teK__does it have a decent RAID controller?20:04
teK__otherwhise: mdraid; do you have disks?20:04
jaegercouple of 250GB SSDs perhaps??20:07
jaegerI believe mdadm handles trim on raid1 these days20:07
jaegerwith kernel 3.7 or better from what I can find20:08
jaegerare 250GB samsung 850 EVOs reasonably priced around you?20:08
jaeger~$95 USD currently20:09
jaeger~850 SEK?20:09
teK__what? Aren't those overkill? :-)20:10
teK__as in backup will be required soon[tm]20:10
jaegerwhat do you mean?20:56
teK__i'd be careful to go for cheaper ssds so we will not need to restore from backup soon20:56
jaegerI don't understand what you're getting at at all... what am I missing?20:57
teK__cheaper ssds are dying quicker?20:57
jaegerHow would those SSDs result in needing to restore from backups?20:57
jaegerohhh, ok. Well, those are pretty much the best SATA choice on the market for consumer use right now20:58
teK__as in !850 pro?20:58
jaegerSSD lifetimes are way longer than necessary in all but the most extreme edge cases20:58
jaegerthe pro is overkill for consumer workloads, definitely20:59
jaegerAnd I'd say the workload on is far from heavy20:59
teK__currently: sure20:59
teK__I wanted to note that spinning rust would be fine, also21:00
jaegerMaybe a better way to say it is: "concerns about SSDs dying early are mostly unfounded these days"21:00
jaegerACTION shrugs21:00
jaegerYeah, would be fine.21:00
jaegerI don't feel like buying spinning disks is worth it for anything other than NAS use currently but for it doesn't particularly matter21:04
teK__the only issue we could have if we were to build and host binary stuff on the new machine21:04
jaegerI'd venture to say that we'd see no downside to using some decent SSDs like those samsungs over spinners21:52
jaegerThe pro version is ~121 USD currently. If that's a concern I'd contribute a couple of those to the cause, assuming they're not outrageously priced there21:58
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jaegermight need something like this depending on how the drive trays attach to drives22:03
jaegerthat one might be needed if the trays are toolless or specific somehow since it's pretty much the shape of a 3.5" drive22:04
jaegerotherwise maybe something like
pedjacan you use almost any fs with SSD on Linux, or are some FS more SSD-aware than others?22:09
pedja(never had or played with one)22:12
teK__there is one 'designed' for ssds: nilfs22:12
teK__the standard ones should be fine also22:12
pedjaany best practices/gotchas?22:13
pedjaI know that Samsung/Intel ones are pretty robust, but still22:14
teK__look into TRIM.
pedjaJFS has been rock stable for me for years, but it seems that the development is pretty much dead.Shame.22:19
crash_i have a crucial mx100 i believe it is, and it has been working good for some years now in my laptop :)22:21
pedjaI still see commits to the kernel side, which is encouraging :)22:22
jaegerdepends mostly on the controller22:24
jaegeranything sandforce 22xx is dated but still solid at this point, I think Intel is using them in some of their drives still22:24
jaegersamsung's 830+ controllers are solid22:24
jaegersandisk's x400s are pretty good from what I've read, though I haven't researched which controller they use22:24
jaegermost of the major filesystems support trim now via the discard flag22:25
jaegerI use ext4 for most of mine, works great22:25
jaegerand since kernel 3.7, various mdadm raid levels support it as well22:25
jaegerEven if trim were NOT supported, that limitation can be worked around with either a good controller or overprovisioning or both22:26
jaegersome drives do overprovisioning behind the scenes and don't even expose it to the user22:26
jaegerothers allow you to tweak it22:26
jaegersome do both (samsung)22:26
jaegerIf you're running a system that doesn't support trim at all, like an older mac os x for example, the controller matters more. sandforce is usually recommended for those22:27
pedjaSamsung's magician sw is for fw updates and overprovisioning, right?22:28
pedjathanks for the info jaeger, teK__22:30
jaegerno problem22:35
jaegeryeah, the magician software can do both of those tasks22:36
jaegeras well as enabling RAPID22:36
jaegerwhich is a little ridiculous on synthetic benchmarks, hehe22:36
jaegerand only works on windows anyway22:36
jaegerthe sandisk x400 uses a marvell controller according to
jaegerbased on that review it seems like those would be a good choice, too22:44
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