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frinnstdivide the price (899:-) by 10 to get the price in Euro06:19
frinnstpro is a bit more expensive - 120EUR06:20
frinnstand yes, we will need adaptors06:21
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jaegerfrinnst: not a bad selection. Out of the ones they offer the samsung 850s would get my vote, either evo or pro. The sandisk ultra II or intel 730 would be decent second choices12:25
jaegerIf we want to go with SSDs I'd donate the money for a couple of those12:26
jaegerThe intel 730s are too expensive for what you get, I feel, my comment about them being decent second choices is based on performance rather than price12:27
frinnstyeah I dont think we need too much performance12:41
frinnstevo is a bit cheaper12:41
frinnstim fine with either12:42
frinnst2 in raid1 enough?12:42
frinnstthe ipmi card i've ordered should turn up tomorrow12:42
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jaegerraid1 seems like a good choice to me, will perform better than raid5 (which I think is what we used on previously)14:09
jaegeryeah, we used raid1 for /boot and raid5 for the others14:10
frinnst2_2 268,00 kr14:24
frinnst2_2 x 850 EVO 250GB + 2 X Icy Dock MB882SP-1S-2B14:24
frinnst2_so ~227€14:25
frinnst2_but we can wait a while with the disks. I expect to install the server after newyear's15:05
frinnst2_and in the mean time I have a 500GB spinning rust in it15:05
jaegerfrinnst: sounds reasonable to me15:41
juesamsung 850 in raid1 sound good to me too15:45
juelooks like our new little server becomes reality :)15:48
jueFYI, pushed a new mesa3d release to 3.3, added the --with-sha1=libcrypto option15:53
frinnst2_ah. yeah that sounds like a good option16:02
frinnst2_just wait for the libressl fanbois to start complaining :D16:03
frinnst2_btw jue, got the money16:04
frinnst2_that didnt take long..16:04
frinnst2_almost faster than transfering between different banks within sweden :)16:04
jaegerhow would you prefer to get disk money from me? paypal? google wallet? something else?16:11
jaegerMight as well wait until we buy in case prices change, just curious16:11
jueindeed, that was very fast :)16:18
frinnstjue did a bank transfer16:41
frinnstbut it might be easier cause EU stuff :>16:42
frinnsti could setup a google wallet without much trouble i think. but yeah, lets wait till after I order them16:42
jaegerNo idea what my bank's international services are, I'll try to find out. I've used google wallet before so just keeping that in mind as an option16:43
jueif it helps: I have a paypal account and can play the 'man-in-middle'17:00
jaegerok, nice to have the option. :) thanks17:01
juenp :)17:04
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