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pedjaBlack Mirror is disturbing and incredible at the same time.00:44
pedjaIt's not for binge watching, though.One episode at the time.00:45
pedjaBrooker is fucking genius.Can't wait for 2016 Wipe :)00:47
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Romsterhow good is the crux 3.3 test0 so far i am burning a disc and about to try it on another box doing a upgrade04:58
jaegerIt's the first test, so not perfect. I think it's a good start, though05:15
Romsterwell if i find any issues i'll let you know i plan to bump all my distcc boxes to 3.3 and then i'll include the old gcc version for current crux 3.2 for distcc use. (probably with a docker image for distcc this time around)05:24
jaegermesa3d has a linking issue but that should be fixed in git already. Next test ISO will pick it up05:24
Romsteris that to do with llvm?05:25
Romsteror gcc6 which i believe will break a few things.05:25
Romsterone issue i already hit, after i see the nice check pkgadd.conf before upgrading.05:26
Romsterand upgraded. pretty sure it said to run setup-helpter /mnt05:26
Romsterand it reported package injected core opt xorg not found error package signify not found05:27
Romstersetup-chroot works as expected to get into the new /mnt05:27
Romsterbut it injected that new signify before i got to run setup-helper that it did say to run.05:28
jaegersetup-helper hasn't been touched yet, have only done new installs rather than upgrades05:28
Romsterprevious upgrades was to just run chroot-setup05:28
Romsterwell i have 7 machines to upgrade so be a good test of that.05:29
jaegerI wouldn't recommend upgrading all of them yet, then. It's guaranteed not to be perfect05:29
jaegerMy plan was to start looking at that this weekend05:29
Romsterwell these 7 boxes have been sitting idle for some time.05:29
Romsteri'll do one now and see how i go.05:30
jaegeractually, I wonder if I started that before I made the ISO, will check05:31
Romsternow i am not sure what linux kernel is fixed for dirtycow05:31
frinnstwell you will probably not invite other users straight away after the install finishes :-)05:32
jaegerAh, I'm wrong, I *did* put some setup-helper updates into the ISO05:32
Romsteri bumped my desktop to 4.8.5 but my old firewall is seriously behind and i've manualyl patched heartbleed bashubg i forget the name of...05:32
frinnstits not remotley exploitable05:32
jaegerIt injects signify and autoconf-2.1305:32
Romsterit's only locally exploitable but i did see something about a security risk for docker but it doesn't affect my use case of docker.05:33
jaegerThought I had added that after making it but I misremembered, sorry for the confusion05:33
Romsteri didn't see autoconf-2.13 get injected only signify. but that box i don't think has xorg on it.05:33
jaegerthat inject checks if firefox is installed05:33
Romstereh it's not much confusion, might need a tiny clean up.05:34
jaegerinject_packages signify05:34
jaegerif [ `is_installed firefox` ]; then05:34
jaeger        inject_packages autoconf-2.1305:34
Romsterah that box hasn't so that's fine05:34
jaegerthat's all of it currently.05:34
frinnstllvm will soon require cmake btw05:34
frinnst3.9.0 or whatever05:34
jaegercmake's already on the ISO05:34
Romsterright and then i was told to run setup-helper and it said it couldn't find signify on the iso05:35
frinnstah, goodie05:35
Romstercmake is taking over autotools?05:35
Romsterseems to be growing in popularity.05:35
jaegersignify is definitely on the ISO05:35
frinnstbecause its hip05:35
Romsteras much pain as autohell has been i still find it fine.05:36
Romsterit's just how you use it05:36
frinnstits lot better for the user05:36
jaegerWhat do you mean by "i was told to run setup-helper"?05:36
jaegersetup should run that itself05:36
Romstercmake feels more hell for the dev side.05:36
Romstermy mistake i seen05:46
Romster* CRUX 3.2 -> 3.3 setup-helper05:46
Romsterso i stupidly ran setup-helper again05:47
Romsterwhich i thought was odd because at that point you run chroot-helper05:47
Romsterwhich i did run after05:47
Romsterperhaps a echo line to run chroot-helper might be nice.05:48
Romsterthough that's the first time i messed up at that spot.05:48
jaegerThat's in the handbook, I think05:48
Romsterit is i didn't read it again but i haven't upgraded crux since 3.2 came out.05:49
Romsteri'm using this new modem as my net is still crap, and this time i am converting everything to DHCP static ips is a pain when you get past 15 or so machines.05:50
Romsteri'll just setup DHCP reservations this time around.05:50
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Romsterone other thing some file in rejedit is massively long is there any faster way than to hold down space bar until i can press "u" to grade that one file.05:53
Romsterssl or something certificate/ssh related in /etc/05:53
jaegertry G05:53
jaegerit's using less, isn't it?05:53
Romsteryes i believe to05:54
Romsterupgraded without a hitch just did a ports -u on it.05:54
Romsterthese are headless so no xorg05:57
Romsterdidn't we move to curl than wget for pkgmk? or configurable. need to look at that.05:58
Romsteri know what i am doing (i think) to not break stuff :P06:00
Romsterand i'm not doing my desktop yet06:00
Romstertoo early yet for that06:00
Romstergit has a footprint mismatch for perl in 3.306:13
Romster5.22 -> 5.2406:13
Romster minor prtsweep issue spotted for prtsweep when no *.httpup files are found06:18
Romsteri'll file a offical patch/bug report later06:18
Romsterah we haven't done contrib-3.3 yet probably a bit too soon06:21
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Romster/etc/ssh/moduli is the long file to merge and g does not do anything.07:27
Romsternor does G07:28
Romsteractually can that one file be added to pkgadd.confto always update or is that a security risk?07:31
RomsterG – go to the end of file07:32
Romsterhrmm tries that again07:32
Romsteri got it press "q" them "m" to quit and merge that file.07:36
Romsterholding down space bar takes far too long on that one file07:36
frinnstjust press q?07:40
frinnstdoesnt > jump to the last line?07:40
Romsteri thought that too and no it does not07:42
Romsterq or ZZ – exit the less pager07:42
Romsterthen it sits at the usual install diff edit... line for that same file07:42
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Romsterand oops that second box was on crux 3.1 and i just jumped to 3.3 so i'll have to manually add and remove a few packages07:44
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Romsterit'l just be removing man and adding lzo, libpipeline and man-db07:47
Romsterno big deal i can do manually.07:48
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Romster3 node distcc crux 3.3 up and compiling for some time now12:05
Romsterno issues other than that git footprint12:05
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jaegergood deal15:00
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