IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-11-06

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Romsterokay 1 box is coming up with usb errors. but i'm not using any usb devices on that headless box.09:24
Romsteri'll have to do some googling on that one.09:24
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Romsteri have my 7 node 20 make job cluster on crux 3.3 now. letting them all sysup then i'll move onto testing more ports.13:23
Romsteroh now i see mesa3d is broken with ncurses on the test iso.13:30
juewhat do you mean with '... broken with ncruses'?15:01
frinnstgood news and bad news17:11
frinnstgood news) server is racked up with networking. no public ip yet. hope to have some time over tomorrow to get that sorted17:11
frinnstbad news) the ipmi card i bought was wrong :(((17:11
frinnstpci card, we can fit pci64 and pcie17:12
frinnstgot it cheap though, 250sek17:13
jaegernot bad17:14
frinnstso be on the lookout for a pci-e ipmi if you guys can find one cheap17:15
jaegerI think that system lists the aoc sim1u 3b and 3d, wonder if those are easy to find17:18
frinnstanyway we dont need that to get started. I've installed crux 3.2 on it and started a sysup before I left work17:22
jaegeryeah, not required. cool17:24
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frinnstwhat did we say about signing contrib for 3.3?21:44
frinnstI've created keys for contrib locally and am in the process of signing everything with "pkgmk -r -us"21:45
jaegerhow many contrib maintainers are there now?22:00
frinnstno clue22:04
frinnstnot many are active in here..22:04
jaegerI wonder if signing contrib is worth the effort22:04
frinnstmight as well.. its sort of snakeoil anyways imo22:06
frinnstbut it shuts people up :-)22:06
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Worksterjue, mesa3d is not linked to updated ncurses on jaeger's test iso. jaeger knows of this.23:40

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