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jaegerI thought there was a gpg-error or libgcrypt problem, are you seeing another one with ncurses?00:44
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Romsternope only clang and mesa3d but only mesa3d is on the iso and there is a newer one anyways on prt-get sysup01:28
jaegerYou said "oh now i see mesa3d is broken with ncurses on the test iso."01:30
jaegerwhat does that mean?01:30
Romsterit means revdep reported that it had not linked with ncurses01:45
Romsternot sure why mesa3d needs ncurses but that's what it reported01:45
Romsteri've done 7 upgrades on the crux 3.3 test0 iso all worked ok01:46
jaegernot linked? revdep can't tell that01:47
jaegerMaybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying01:48
Romsteri've already updated it so i can't see it now01:48
Romsteri ran revdep it reported that it can't  use ncurses so it was too short.... what ever that means.01:48
Romsteri didn't save the error i already ran a prt-get sysup on that and it bumped mesa3d01:49
jaegerWell, next time you see it, save the exact error or output because I have no idea01:49
Romsterit's noting major... but i have not tried xorg on my other desktop pc that is now on crux 3.301:51
Romsteralso my line fault is fixed but i still had crap speeds so i just tried without the landline phone and no filter. adsl straight to the wall and now i am getting 5mbps more reasonable.01:51
Romsterso i might need a new adsl line filter01:52
jaegerI was just trying to figure out exactly which part was broken because I actually could not parse what you were reporting01:53
jaegerlike this: i ran revdep it reported that it can't  use ncurses so it was too short -- there are 3 its in this sentence, need some nouns01:53
jaegerlike I've never seen anything revdep-related say "it was too short"01:55
jaegerI'm not mad or trying to be a dick or anything, just honestly confused02:00
jaegeranyway, got another ISO bootstrap going02:00
Romsteri am not so sure now but it came from revdep right after i upgraded02:06
Romsteri should of saved the text02:06
Romstermy english and grammar and spelling is totally crap02:07
Romstershort story i ran revdep right after the upgrade to crux 3.3 and revdep reported mesa3d as broken.02:07
jaegerok, fair enough. I'll try to test an upgrade this week too02:08
Romsterand revdep reported ncurses02:08
Romsterbut your second test iso will have fixed that.02:08
jaegerhope so02:08
Romstercould you fix git's .footprint for new perl in 3.302:11
RomsterMISMATCHsignify, for docker in contrib frinnst02:15
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frinnstim sure there are lots of missmatches07:39
frinnstit should be up to the maintainer to maintain the signatures :-)07:40
Romsteri need to do a new gpgkey for my gmail account ic an't use my other one until i send email out with it08:34
Romsteruse this key frinnst 5433B7BDD03BAE3108:40
Romsteri need opt contrib compat-32 and xorg08:40
frinnst2didnt I send you all of those? or you couldnt decrypt them?08:47
Romsteri couldn't decrypt them08:47
Romsterbecause i am forwarding emails it wont bloody work -_-08:47
frinnst2right I'll do it after work08:47
Romsterso i made a new key for just my gmail email08:48
Romsteri have to fix up smtp sending, my isp wont let me use afaik.08:49
frinnst2mother fucker im stupid08:50
frinnst2root@'s password:08:50
frinnst2Permission denied, please try again.08:50
frinnst2(new server)08:50
frinnst2did I allow root login before I left yesterday? no08:50
frinnst2did I add an user account before I left yesterday? no08:50
Romsterdid you add a key before you left08:50
frinnst2because "I'll set all that stuff up remotely"08:51
Romsteryour screwed ring fr help or drive08:51
frinnst2oh well, easy fix but bothersome08:51
frinnst2its still at work08:51
Romsteroh is this crux version 2 server?08:52
frinnst2but I need to head down to the bunker and that requires me to walk :p08:52
Romsterwalking wont kill you, well maybe not08:52
frinnst2spent 5.5hrs on a sunday setting up the network to the new location so was a bit tired08:53
Romsterah you added more rack mounts?08:53
Romsterso you have a super sexy new cable loom08:53
Romsteror is it spaghetti mess08:54
Romsteri don't even now what i am doing i can't sign a email with my private key with enigmail09:00
Romsterno idea where i even enter my passphrase after i pick what key to encrypt with09:01
RomsterError - encryption command failed09:04
frinnst2its not finished yet so its mostly a mess09:27
frinnst2the server is not yet even on ups09:28
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frinnst2model name: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5320  @ 1.86GHz13:01
frinnst2              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available13:02
frinnst2Mem:            15G         36M         15G        232K        102M         15G13:02
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frinnst2wow, building gcc took almost an hour14:14
jaegerBut it did so with lower power usage :)14:35
frinnst2$ crux14:37
frinnst2CRUX version 3.314:37
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frinnst2elasticsearch 40.148g VIRT15:35
jaegeryeesh. how big is that cluster? and what's its heap size?15:50
frinnst2its just one elasticsearch server. I did an upgrade last week and havent tweaked anything yet15:52
frinnst2so everything is default15:52
frinnst2I upgraded ubuntu to 16.04, graylog to 2.1 (from 1.x)15:53
frinnst2ofocourse i took a vmware snapshot before i started. then I also removed a couple of small disks from the btrfs array we use to store elastic data on15:53
frinnst2so after the balance i remembered I had a snapshot15:54
frinnst2... :D15:54
frinnst2every fucking block has moved :D15:54
frinnst2*consolidating now*15:54
frinnst2aaaand it failed15:55
frinnst2An error occurred while consolidating disks: msg.snapshot.error-FAILED.15:55
frinnst2Synchronous consolidate failed for scsi0:0: msg.disklib.CANCELLED.15:55
frinnst2The virtual machine has exceeded the maximum downtime of 12 seconds for disk consolidation.15:55
frinnst2do you usually install vmware-tools on your crux vm's?15:58
frinnst2open-vm-tools or vmwares own?15:59
jaegerI used to use the official tools, now I'm more often using open-vm-tools15:59
jaegerThe official tools take quite a bit longer to catch up with newer kernels15:59
jaegereven the longterm ones, sometimes15:59
frinnst2do you have a port for it?16:00
jaegerI haven't published it anywhere but I'll paste the Pkgfile, sec16:01
jaegerI've been meaning to put it into my repo or contrib, haven't taken the time to clean it up yet16:02
frinnst2yeah the current open-vm-tools in contrib is completely broken16:17
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jaegerRomster: I did an upgrade on a VM without X, no issues with revdep there. Testing one with X installed next19:10
jaegerAfter an upgrade on a system with X installed, the only packages revdep reports are jre and openldap... so whatever you saw with ncurses and mesa3d I'm not able to duplicate it19:24
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teK__maybe I get llvm to dance with cmake tonight..21:39
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onoderacan bc maybe get updated with 3.3, the bc CRUX uses is from 2000 it seems, whilest the one arch/gentoo uses is from 200622:49
onoderacrux uses 1.06 for reference, and gentoo and arch 1.06.9522:49
frinnstwhat has changed?23:12
frinnstanyways, can you open a bug and assign it to me? off to bed here23:18
onoderasure, I don't know what's new23:19
onoderabut uhhh, newer is automatically better of course :p23:19

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